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Experience Luxurious Glamping with the Gaul Family’s Business

In an era where the call of the wild is increasingly merging with the allure of comfort, Bridger and Annie Gaul, inspired by their own Idaho pack horse outings during their childhood, are pushing the envelope of traditional camping with their innovative glamping business. 

Nestled in the heart of Paradise, by the confluence of the Flathead River and the Clark Fork River, the Gaul family’s venture offers a haven for outdoor enthusiasts craving both rustic charm and modern convenience.

The Gaul’s glamping site, set on their breathtakingly picturesque property that resembles a classic Norman Rockwell canvas, is a testament to the concept of ‘luxury in the lap of nature. 

With two types of clean and comfortable tents on offer – a cozy two-person version and a spacious one for larger groups – the business is consciously catering to diverse client needs. 

Each tent, erected on slightly elevated wooden platforms, comes complete with queen-size beds featuring vintage-style metal frames, floor rugs, artwork, and individual fire rings, embodying a blend of homeliness with the thrill of outdoor living.

The immersive experience does not stop there. The tents, priced at $150 per night for the larger variant (12×18) and $125 for the smaller one (12×12), come with personal access to hot water showers, powered by a state-of-the-art on-demand water heating system. 

This thoughtful inclusion not only eliminates the most common discomfort associated with camping but also raises the bar in terms of standard facilities provided by private campground owners and glamping operators.

Yet, the Gaul family’s endeavor stands out not just for its excellent amenities but also for its emphasis on facilitating genuine connections with nature. 

Wide front flaps of the tents open to panoramic views of the mesmerizing Flathead and the nearby mountains, while the property itself hosts diverse wildlife, from Bighorn Sheep and eagles to deer. Besides, the river nearby provides abundant opportunities for fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and swimming during the balmy summer months.

Embracing a holistic approach to country living, the Gauls encourage their guests to participate in unique experiences such as milking a cow or swimming in a “back eddy”, a natural pool created by the Flathead River. These activities make their site not just a place to sleep but a destination to slow down, unwind, and enjoy the outdoors in a way that’s seldom found in the industry.

The Gauls’ glamping business, operational from May to Labor Day, is an inspiration for other private campground owners and glamping operators, demonstrating how providing comfort and luxury need not come at the expense of a true outdoors experience. Their vision underlines the potential for transformation within the camping industry and redefines what customers can expect from a memorable stay in nature’s cradle.

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April 1, 2024 4:24 pm

Bonding with the Gaul fam on hikes through Montana’s serene wilderness, soaking up their outdoor wisdom. Imagine digging into gourmet campfire meals made from top-notch, locally sourced goodies. It’s more than a getaway. it’s a flavorful adventure that’ll keep you craving more!


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