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Room & Board Blends High Design and Eco Materials in New Glamping Furniture

In the burgeoning world of the outdoor hospitality industry, Room & Board has set its eyes on providing a blend of luxury and sustainability to the glamping sector with Room & Board for Business, a design program of modern, durable, and sustainably sourced commercial furnishings.

This move is emblematic of the company’s innovative approach, which blends high-quality design with eco-friendly practices. In an interview with Modern Campground, Elise Nicpon, director of retail customer experience at Room & Board, highlighted this transition.

“A lot of hospitality designers are really looking to enhance that experience in a glamping sort of a way. So, it was really fun for us to start thinking about, ‘Okay, what does that mean for the product that we’re offering?’” she said.

Elise Nicpon, director of retail customer experience. Photo courtesy of Room & Board.

In 2022, Room & Board for Business began addressing the unique needs of the glamping industry, an extension of their expertise in commercial furnishings since 2006. Their goal was to create durable yet aesthetically pleasing outdoor furniture that could withstand the elements while providing comfort and style.

A key part of this strategy involved their collaboration with Loll Designs, known for their sustainable outdoor furniture. Nicpon said they saw that Room & Board had furniture that looked like it would be for inside but it was all made and constructed to be outside.

Loll Designs chairs at Room & Board Company Headquarters. Photo courtesy of Room & Board.

“And that was really fun because it really created a different type of environment for people who were experiencing glamping,” she said.

Room & Board has always emphasized sustainability, with a focus on using eco-friendly materials and maintaining a significant portion of their production within the United States. This commitment extends to their approach to furniture design, particularly for the glamping sector, ensuring durability and environmental responsibility. 

“About 90% of our products are made in the U.S… We’re always looking for more sustainable practices and materials that we can use that still meet the demands of the business customer, which are a little bit different than the residential customer,” Nicpon said.

Emmet Outdoor Chairs. Photo courtesy of Room & Board.

The success in the glamping sector led Room & Board to adapt its design philosophy to a broader range of hospitality furniture. In 2023, they introduced new products and collections that cater to various commercial settings. This expansion is a testament to their ability to respond to evolving market trends and customer feedback.

Nicpon remarked on the company’s adaptability, they are “definitely hearing and considering” how to fit products like an outdoor canopy bed for poolside into their assortment, as they receive more and more suggestions from their business customers.

Photo courtesy of Room & Board.

Room & Board for Business is not resting on its laurels. The company is actively planning future expansions, particularly in its outdoor product range, to meet the growing demands of the industry. Their focus remains on innovation and staying ahead of market trends. 

“And then another one that we’re really excited about for 2024 is kind of an outdoor kitchen with refrigeration… So that’s something that we’re really excited about for 2024,” said Nicpon, sharing their enthusiasm for upcoming projects.

Room & Board for Business has successfully navigated its way into the glamping industry, showcasing a unique blend of sustainability, innovation, and luxury. Their approach has not only redefined outdoor furniture for glamping but also influenced broader trends in hospitality

Through its strategic partnership with Loll Designs, Room & Board for Business has strengthened its commitment to producing stylish yet environmentally responsible furniture. This collaboration exemplifies the company’s dedication to combining quality craftsmanship with sustainable practices.

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Karen Hill
Karen Hill
April 17, 2024 6:45 am

Let’s chat about Room & Board’s glamping furniture journey! How cool is it that their outdoor pieces are so chic even the trees might get envious? And can you believe the durability? Surviving a squirrel dance-off is no small feat!


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