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Hiawatha National Forest Unveils Diverse Camping Options for 2024 Season

As summer approaches, Hiawatha National Forest is preparing to welcome campers to its expansive Northwoods domain. The forest, known for its natural beauty, offers a wide range of camping experiences, including developed sites, rustic settings, and four cabins.

According to a Daily Press report, the planning and preparation for the camping season are extensive, spanning multiple seasons. Staff at Hiawatha begin the groundwork in autumn, continuing through winter and spring. This thorough process ensures that facilities like trails, beaches, and boat launches are ready for the influx of visitors, with campgrounds being the highlight of the forest’s recreational offerings.

Shannon Rische, the Forest supervisor, emphasized the collaborative efforts undertaken to prepare the campgrounds for the public. The reopening of six East Zone campgrounds—Brevoort Lake, Lake Michigan, Carp River, Monocle Lake, Soldier Lake, and Bay View—which were closed in 2023, marks a significant milestone. These sites, managed by a new concessionaire, feature both reservable and non-reservable spots.

In the West Zone of the forest, eleven campgrounds will be accessible. While nine of these allow reservations, all have sites available on a first-come, first-served basis. Corner Lake and Indian River Campgrounds are dedicated to non-reservable camping, appealing to those seeking spontaneous outdoor experiences.

Additionally, Hiawatha National Forest boasts around fifty designated campsites scattered across its landscape, predominantly along inland lakes. These sites are available exclusively through reservation, catering to planners and nature enthusiasts alike.

The anticipation for the camping season is palpable, as indicated by the numerous inquiries received about reservation procedures. Rische expressed excitement for the upcoming summer, anticipating a successful season of outdoor recreation.

Prospective campers can secure their spots by making reservations through the forest’s official portal on Recreation.gov. This system allows bookings up to six months in advance, providing ample opportunity for planning.

As Hiawatha National Forest gears up for the 2024 camping season, it stands ready to provide memorable outdoor experiences. With a diverse range of camping options, from lakeside retreats to forested hideaways, the forest caters to all types of outdoor enthusiasts.

Hiawatha National Forest is setting the stage for a vibrant camping season, backed by meticulous planning and a commitment to visitor satisfaction. With the reopening of previously closed sites and the introduction of new management, the forest is poised to offer an enriched outdoor adventure.

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