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Long Weekend Marks Start of Camping Season

In a community some consider the gateway to the Cabot Trail, a mountainside campground located in Englishtown, Nova Scotia (Canada), is gearing up to welcome visitors to the famous picturesque coastal drive.

“I’m hoping for a sellout summer as usual,” said Austin Christmas, co-owner of Kluskap Ridge RV & Campground.

As per a report, Kluskap Ridge has been open for a week now.

Christmas said that despite the optimism for summer business, another significant issue had taken a bite out of the long May weekend.

“We did have some bookings for this long weekend, but a lot of cancellations also. I’m thinking that gas prices might have something to do with that,” Christmas said.

In Sydney, Daryan Briggs and her three children plan to camp for a few weekends around Cape Breton.

She said she’s eager to experience the feeling of normalcy. 

“We’ll get to see more families from away,” Briggs said. “Because we haven’t gotten out as much as we used to in the last two years.”

Parks Canada campsites and provincial parks across all three Maritime provinces are also looking forward to welcoming those who haven’t visited since pre-pandemic.

“This coming season is quite exciting because we had a record just on the first day of reservation launch this year,” said Julie Cossette of Parks Canada. “So we see there’s a buzz.”

Cossette confirms that the May long weekend bookings within the Cape Breton Highlands National Park are up.

At Kluskap Ridge, many of the summer reservations originate directly from the United States and Western Canada.

They are hoping to attract European tourists to come along as well.

“Last night, we were looking up at the stars, and there were billions,” Christmas said. “And that is a big draw for people who come back.”

This story originally appeared on CTV News.

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Brooke Valley
Brooke Valley
February 26, 2024 12:11 am

Isn’t it exciting that camping season is kicking off at Kluskap Ridge RV & Campground in Englishtown, Nova Scotia? I’m thrilled about the outdoor adventures and beautiful scenery. The glamping options and guided tours promise a unique experience beneath Cape Breton’s starry skies.

March 16, 2024 8:30 am

Isn’t it intriguing how Kluskap Ridge RV & Campground near the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia is revving up for summer, aiming for success despite potential cancellations due to gas prices? Families like Daryan Briggs and her kids are thrilled for camping and a dose of normalcy after a tough couple of years. Are you also feeling the excitement for the upcoming camping season in Maritime parks? Let’s embrace the great outdoors together!

March 23, 2024 4:15 am

Now’s the time to jump into the camping season buzz and plan your outdoor escape! Why not check out some off-the-beaten-path spots and hidden treasures for a whole new adventure? It’s all about making unforgettable memories with your crew. Enjoy the journey!

April 6, 2024 2:10 am

The long weekend kicks off the camping season at the Englishtown mountainside campground in Nova Scotia. Families like Daryan Briggs’s are pumped for outdoor adventures. It’s buzzing with optimism for a fantastic summer at the Cabot Trail. Can’t wait to soak in the starry nights at Kluskap Ridge!


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