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General RV Center Champions Community Revitalization with Life Remodeled in Detroit’s Cooley Community

In the heart of Detroit, a remarkable initiative is unfolding, spearheaded by Life Remodeled, a non-profit dedicated to neighborhood revitalization, and supported by entities like General RV Center, a family-owned RV dealership with deep roots in the community. 

Nearly 30 members from General RV’s marketing department rolled up their sleeves to participate in the Six Day Project, a significant endeavor aimed at beautifying and revitalizing the Cooley Community on Detroit’s northwest side. 

This initiative not only cleans up the physical environment but also sews seeds of hope and camaraderie among the residents and volunteers, according to a press release.

General RV Center, with its rich history and initial establishment in Detroit 60 years ago, has not only grown as a business entity but also maintained a steadfast commitment to giving back to the community that cradled its inception. 

The involvement of its employees in the Six Day Project, especially from the Marketing Department, reflects a tangible manifestation of its corporate responsibility, aligning with its history and connection with the Detroit community. 

This is the second consecutive year that General RV Center has actively participated and sponsored Life Remodeled, contributing to a decade-long effort of turning vacant properties into vibrant community hubs.

Life Remodeled has been a beacon of transformation within Detroit, mobilizing over 77,000 volunteers since 2014 and working on more than 2,000 city blocks. 

The Six Day Project, one of its key initiatives, not only focuses on physical cleanup activities but also aims to repurpose vacant properties into hubs of opportunity, ensuring sustainable development and providing essential services to the communities involved. 

The project, which sees the involvement of thousands of volunteers annually, is a testament to the power of collective effort in bringing about tangible change in communities.

The methodology of Life Remodeled in ensuring the sustainability of the revitalization efforts initiated through projects like the Six Day Project is worth noting. They engage in a unique model that transforms vacant properties into one-stop hubs of opportunity, ensuring that families within the community can thrive sustainably. 

These hubs are filled with proficient non-profit organizations, and through facilitated collaboration, they create a far-reaching life transformation that would have been challenging to achieve independently.

In the broader spectrum of community service and corporate responsibility, General RV Center stands out as a poignant example of how businesses can intertwine their growth with community development. 

The benefits of such involvement are multifold, providing employees with a sense of purpose and achievement while also positively impacting the community. 

The challenges, such as ensuring the sustainability and long-term impact of such initiatives, are met with strategic planning and collaborative efforts, ensuring that the impact is lasting and meaningful.

Featured image from General RV Center.

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February 25, 2024 6:40 am

The collaboration between General RV Center and Life Remodeled in Detroit’s Cooley Community is truly inspiring and impactful.

Linda Harris
Linda Harris
April 3, 2024 11:09 am

Have you heard about the awesome work happening in Detroit’s Cooley Community? General RV Center and Life Remodeled are teaming up to bring fresh hope and unity to the neighborhood. It’s amazing to see how their efforts are making a real impact and transforming the area for the better!

April 21, 2024 12:11 am

Did you catch how General RV Center and Life Remodeled linked up in Detroit’s Cooley Community? They’re really making a difference, offering education and skills to locals. The Six Day Project’s all about sprucing up homes and creating a warm community vibe. It’s awesome to see this kind of positive impact!


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