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General RV Center Slashes Prices to Help Families Save on Summer Vacations

General RV Center, the nation’s largest family-owned RV dealership, has announced significant price reductions on thousands of RVs and camping accessories in celebration of National Camping Month and National Great Outdoors Month.

According to a release, the dealership’s initiative aims to make summer travel more affordable for families, offering substantial savings on over 5,000 RVs, including motorhomes, B vans, travel trailers, and fifth wheels, as well as a wide array of camping supplies.

Loren Baidas, CEO of General RV, emphasized the dealership’s commitment to helping consumers maximize their summer experiences despite budget constraints. “We know consumers are trying to make the most out of their summers with limited budgets, and General RV is here to help make that easier,” Baidas stated. 

He highlighted the dealership’s ongoing efforts to provide the best prices in America and noted that this summer’s Blowout Tent sales event is an extension of that commitment.

Running through June 23, the event spans General RV’s 18 Supercenter locations across Michigan, Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Illinois, Utah, and Pennsylvania. The nationwide sales event will feature unprecedented discounts on a variety of products, from RVs to essential camping supplies. 

Some of the notable offers include travel trailers starting at $13,999 with monthly payments as low as $119, motorhomes starting at $69,995, and RV toilet paper priced as low as $1 per roll.

“We know people across the country are feeling the impact of inflation,” Baidas continued. “RVing is a way to enjoy the luxuries of a getaway while still having control over your budget.” He pointed out that RVing remains one of the most cost-effective ways to travel.

Even after accounting for the total cost of RV ownership and use, including gas, food, and campground fees, a recent study found that RV vacations for a family of four can be up to 60% cheaper than other forms of travel. Similarly, a two-person travel party can save up to 46% on average.

This initiative not only benefits consumers but also provides significant value to the RV industry. By making RVs and camping accessories more affordable, General RV Center is likely to attract new customers who might have previously considered RV travel too expensive. 

This increase in demand can stimulate the market, driving sales for manufacturers and suppliers, and potentially leading to innovations and improvements in RV design and functionality. 

Additionally, the promotion of RV travel helps to build a larger, more engaged community of RV enthusiasts, which can have long-term positive effects on the industry’s growth and sustainability.

For more information about the June Blowout Tent sales event and to explore the available discounts, visit General RV Center’s website.

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