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CHECK THIS OUT: Sun Outdoors Innovation Center Featuring Modern Glamping Setups

For those who haven’t seen it yet, Sun Outdoors has an Innovation Center in Southfield, Michigan where the company keeps the latest and the best glamping setups for its parks.

Sharing some images on LinkedIn, Alyssa Poniatowski, the regional marketing manager at Sun Communities and Sun Outdoors declared that the arrangements are “not your ‘90s family camping”.

In what appears to be an enclosed facility, a number of modern glamping structures are on display, each featuring contemporary and minimalist designs.

A glamping pod, A-frame cabin, safari tent, and container home are just some of the accommodation options shown in the photos.

Being able to fit what appears to be a king-sized bed on one side of the structure and a mini-kitchen and a couch on the other, Sun Outdoors’ glamping pod features a modern and almost futuristic architecture while still emanating hospitable vibes.

The whole front of the construction is made out of accordion glass windows which can let enough sunlight and fresh air in.

Next is a stylish container house with glass sliding doors. This sleek design looks comfy enough to accommodate today’s glamper with enough porch space to set up outdoor furniture, creating an area where park guests can chill and maybe even sip their ice-cold beverage of choice on a hot summer day.

When it comes to avant-garde glamping, A-frame cabins lead the way with stunning yet functional lodging. Looking at this piece from Sun Outdoors, parks can offer a glamorous stay without making guests feel too cramped.

Sun Outdoors’ properties featuring spacious safari tents like the one shown in the photo are not lagging behind either. With enough woodwork, this would work in providing a rustic feel to glamping without sacrificing the luxe experience.

As more people consider going camping, glamping is a great way to introduce outdoor hospitality to those who are not ready to completely give up the comforts of urban life. Those who want to experience the outdoors in style can check out some of the glamping options at some of Sun Outdoors’ resorts by visiting https://www.sunoutdoors.com/.

Sun Outdoors, a division of Sun Communities, is a company in the outdoor hospitality industry with over 150 locations across the United States and Ontario (Canada). It aims to offer guests exceptional and transformative outdoor experiences through its RV sites and vacation rentals, from tent camping to glamping, whether they stay for a weekend, season, or longer.

Featured image from Alyssa Poniatowski/Sun Communities & Sun Outdoors.


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