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A New Direction for Mitten Getaways: Seeking New Location for Glamping Resort Development

In a recent turn of events for Mitten Getaways, a glamping venture founded by Michigan residents Michael and Melissa Crowe, the couple has had to part ways with their previously sought-after land. This development has necessitated a change in their strategy, as revealed in a blog post titled “A New Direction” on their website.

According to the blog post published last week, the Crowes signed a mutual release agreement, bidding farewell to the property that had initially seemed promising for their glamping project. This decision was not made lightly and was driven by a careful evaluation of the land’s suitability for their vision.

The abandoned land, while idyllic in many respects, posed significant challenges for expansion. It was situated on approximately 85 acres, much of which was occupied by a lake and wetlands. 

Despite having a positive wetlands delineation, further deliberation with their team of experts led them to conclude that future expansion would compromise their core tenet of providing privacy between glamping sites. This dilemma brought them to the realization that more sites would either have to be too close together or excessively costly to construct.

This setback has led Mitten Getaways to take a new strategic direction, one that places a strong emphasis on seeking landowners to partner with or from whom they can lease land. This change in strategy is aimed at reducing major entry barriers, particularly the challenges associated with land acquisition and budget constraints. To facilitate this approach, they have launched a real estate page on their website and are actively seeking partners or landowners interested in collaborating with them.

For those who have expressed interest in investing in Mitten Getaways, the Crowes are urging them to maintain their soft commitments. They are also extending an invitation to potential investors to consider a soft commitment, assuring them that updates regarding land acquisition, company valuation, and investor terms will be forthcoming. The ultimate goal is to ensure that the returns for their investors are maintained or improved with these updates.

This recent development in Mitten Getaways’ journey underscores the challenges that many glamping businesses face during their inception. It is a testament to the determination and adaptability required in the industry. 

To gain a deeper understanding of their journey, we turn to a previous news article published by Modern Campground, which sheds light on the Crowes’ initial aspirations and challenges.

In the earlier article, it was revealed that Michael and Melissa Crowe embarked on their glamping venture with a vision of providing a unique and tranquil experience in the heart of Michigan. Their project, Mitten Getaways Glamping Co., was conceived as a three-phase endeavor set to launch in 2024.

However, before they could even begin constructing their glamping resort, the Crowes faced significant hurdles related to land acquisition. Michael Crowe expressed the challenges they encountered in getting sellers to wait for their due diligence period, especially since they did not already own the land they sought. 

This issue was further compounded by the need for township approval, which required crafting site plans and conducting surveys, leading to a lengthy timeline of four to six months before land acquisition could proceed.

To address these challenges, the Crowes had to get creative in their offers, including the possibility of offering equity in their business to entice sellers. Personalizing interactions with sellers and involving them in their business plans proved to be effective strategies in building trust and securing land.

Another challenge they faced was raising funds for development. To overcome this hurdle, they introduced a loyalty program called the Five Finger Discount Club. This program offered members perks such as a free night at the resort, free rental items, early booking access, and discounts for friends and family who booked concurrently.

Mitten Getaways’ vision for the future involves building strong relationships with guests and expanding their offerings beyond their initial plans. They aim to collaborate with local businesses to become a prominent destination in the community. Their glamping resort, featuring 10 to 12 glamping sites, is just the beginning, with ambitious plans for further expansion.

As the Crowes embark on the next phase of their venture, we eagerly await the unfolding of their glamping dream, which promises to be a shining example of the future of outdoor hospitality

For more information and updates on Mitten Getaways Glamping Co., you can visit their website at https://www.mittengetaways.com/.

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Brooke Valley
Brooke Valley
February 15, 2024 7:42 am

Awesome, Mitten Getaways is on the lookout for partnerships or land leases to tackle their land limitations. It’s cool to see them reaching out to potential investors and keeping everyone in the loop. Can’t wait to see where this goes!


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