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MC Fireside Chats: Mike Harrison of CRR Lifestyle to Guest Host the Next Open Discussion

Elevate your March by tuning into the MC Fireside Chats Open Discussion episode on March 6th, 2024, at 2 PM EST! Immerse yourself in the latest insights and trends within the outdoor hospitality and recreation industry, straight from the perspectives of industry frontrunners.

The episode will be led by guest host, CRR Lifestyle Chief Operating Officer, Mike Harrison. He will be joined by recurring guests Campspot Vice President for Business Development Casey Cochran, Campground Views Founder and CEO Mark Koep, RV industry advisor Sandy Ellingson, Christine Taylor of  Towne Law Firm and Scott Bahr, the President of Cairn Consulting Group.

Additionally, Jeff Hoffman, President of Ohio Campground Owners Association, will be joining this distinguished group of recurring guests. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain unparalleled insights from the leaders shaping the future of outdoor hospitality and recreation.

February 28th Episode Recap

In a recent episode of MC Fireside Chats, hosted by Brian Searl, a dynamic and insightful discussion unfolded, featuring a panel of distinguished guests from the RV industry. The episode brought together Susan Carpenter, Erin Ruane, Cathy Chamberlain, and Chris Shashaty, each offering unique perspectives on the current state and future directions of the RV and outdoor hospitality sectors.

Brian Searl, the host, set the stage for a conversation that promised to delve into the intricacies of the RV market, touching on trends, challenges, and innovations. His introduction highlighted the diverse expertise of the panelists, setting the tone for a comprehensive exploration of the industry.

Erin Ruane, representing RV Trader, shared her insights into the platform’s evolution from print to digital, emphasizing its role in connecting buyers and sellers in the RV market. She detailed the site’s features, including its vast inventory of over 200,000 units, and the tools available to consumers and dealers alike, such as insurance quotes and financing options. Erin’s discussion underscored the digital transformation’s impact on the RV trading landscape.

Susan Carpenter brought a unique perspective to the table, discussing the RV Women’s Alliance’s role and initiatives aimed at supporting women in the industry. Her contributions highlighted the importance of inclusivity and community within the RV sector, reflecting on the alliance’s efforts to celebrate and empower women across the industry.

Cathy Chamberlain shared the story behind Barefoot Caravans, a UK-based company known for its distinctive, high-quality caravans. Cathy’s journey from a wet weekend camping to designing and manufacturing stylish, compact caravans illustrated the innovation and creativity driving the industry forward. She also touched on the challenges and opportunities of expanding into the U.S. market, emphasizing the importance of adaptability and customer focus.

Chris Shashaty, the founder of Sequoia + Salt Campervans discussed the rise of custom van conversions and the growing demand for personalized, versatile RV solutions. His insights into the challenges of scaling a small business in a competitive market underscored the entrepreneurial spirit that fuels much of the industry’s innovation.

The conversation then shifted to the impact of RV rental companies on the market, with Erin Ruane addressing the complementary relationship between rentals and sales. She suggested that the presence of rental companies broadens the market, offering consumers various ways to engage with the RV lifestyle.

Economic uncertainty and its potential effects on consumer behavior were also discussed, with panelists speculating on how shifts in the economy might influence buying patterns. Erin shared optimistic views based on search trends and consumer surveys, suggesting sustained interest in RVing despite financial headwinds.

The role of AI and search technologies in shaping consumer behavior and industry practices was a focal point of discussion. Erin highlighted RV Trader’s efforts to leverage AI for better search outcomes and personalized experiences, pointing to the future of digital engagement in the RV market.

Market trends, particularly the shift towards smaller, more manageable RVs, were explored, with Cathy Chamberlain and Chris Shashaty noting the influence of consumer preferences and the advent of electric vehicles on product design and demand.

Challenges faced by small businesses in gaining visibility on platforms like RV Trader were candidly addressed by Chris Shashaty. Erin Ruane expressed a commitment to understanding and addressing these concerns, emphasizing the importance of supporting businesses of all sizes.

The panelists also touched on the broader implications of market trends for manufacturers and dealers, discussing how insights from platforms like RV Trader can inform business strategies and product development.

The episode concluded with reflections on the importance of staying informed, adaptable, and collaborative in navigating the evolving RV and outdoor hospitality landscape. Brian Searl and his guests underscored the dynamic nature of the industry and the collective effort required to meet the changing needs and expectations of consumers.

About MC Fireside Chats

Hosted by Brian Searl, CEO of Insider Perks and Modern Campground, MC Fireside Chats airs live every Wednesday at 2 p.m. (ET). The show brings together industry experts to discuss the latest in camping, glamping, RVing, and more. For a recap of previous episodes, visit moderncampground.com/mc-fireside-chats.

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March 15, 2024 12:41 pm

That upcoming fireside chat with Mike Harrison sounds like it’s going to be super engaging! You won’t want to Miss it! 🎉 Can’t wait for the lively vibes! 😄

Susan Baker
Susan Baker
April 12, 2024 4:46 pm

I’m stoked for Harrison’s chat too! By the way, did you know he’s a barbecue aficionado? Get ready for some juicy tips!


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