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MC Fireside Chats: Gain Industry Insights as Expert Panel Explores the Latest in Outdoor Hospitality

Join us on Wednesday, May 3rd at 2 PM EST for another thrilling episode of MC Fireside Chats as we start a new month. Join us as we delve into the latest insights from the Outdoor Hospitality Industry that you won’t want to miss. Get ready to be informed and inspired

Hosts Brian Searl and Cara Csizmadia will be joined by recurring guests Horizon Outdoor Hospitality CEO Scott Foos, Campspot Vice President for Business Development Casey Cochran, Campground Views Founder and CEO Mark Koep, RV industry advisor Sandy Ellingson, CRR Lifestyle Chief Operating Officer, Mike Harrison and Christine Taylor of  Towne Law Firm

Get ready for an insightful discussion about the constantly changing outdoor hospitality and recreation industry. Our panel of experts, with diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise, will share their unique perspectives and years of experience.

Together, we’ll explore the pressing issues that this dynamic industry faces, including emerging trends and the latest news and insights that are crucial for campground owners and operators to know. From sustainability and technology to customer experience and industry innovation, we’ll cover all the important topics.

This is your chance to join the conversation and gain valuable insights into the future of outdoor hospitality. Save the date on Wednesday and be part of a discussion that is sure to inform and inspire.

Next week’s episode of MC Fireside Chats is sponsored by Fireside Accounting, an end-to-end accounting services provider that provides bookkeeping to campgrounds, RV parks, and RV resorts.

April 26  Episode Recap

In the April 26 episode of MC Fireside Chats, host Brian Searl and recurring guest guest Susan Carpenter from RV Women’s Alliance discussed the capabilities and potential of ChatGPT, an AI language model trained by OpenAI. Brian introduced the concept of ChatGPT and how it works through a prompt, demonstrating how it can quickly generate articles on a wide range of topics. Susan picked camping as a prompt, and the results were impressive given the short input.

Brian and Susan went on to discuss the various applications of ChatGPT, emphasizing that it can be used for a wide range of things such as outdoor hospitality and recreation business strategies, as well as in law firms. They highlighted how ChatGPT can help users save time and streamline their processes

Susan described ChatGPT as a revolutionary tool, but one that still needs fact-checking. Brian agreed, reminding users to be responsible and fact-check the information provided. They also discussed how people who use ChatGPT can move faster than anyone else and how it could potentially help lessen the need for mobile applications, such as apps for online shopping and booking, by directly sending personalized requests.

Moreover, Susan reflected on how far humans have come, with kids nowadays having constant companions to help them with everyday living and to be more critical by focusing on effectively implementing ideas. They discussed the potential for ChatGPT to make institutions such as hospitals and government agencies more efficient in their processes.

Brian and Susan also touched on the topic of AI-powered search engines, particularly the new Bing search engine. They discussed the benefits of AI-powered tools such as ChatGPT and how they can help users in various industries. They reflected on the potential for AI-powered search engines to improve efficiency in research and information gathering.

The conversation also touched on the limitations of ChatGPT and other AI language models, particularly in the area of fact-checking. While ChatGPT can generate a large amount of content quickly, users must still fact-check the information provided. Susan reminded listeners that the responsibility of fact-checking ultimately falls on the user, even when using advanced AI tools. Brian and Susan wrapped up the conversation by agreeing that it is crucial for people to acknowledge that AI is here and that we must learn how to properly utilize it. 

About MC Fireside Chats

MC Fireside Chats is a weekly show devoted to the outdoor hospitality industry. The show is hosted by Brian Searl, the founder and CEO of Insider Perks and Modern Campground, and Cara Csizmadia, member services coordinator at the Canadian Camping & RV Council (CCRVC).

Airing live every Wednesday at 2 p.m. (ET), MC Fireside Chats features guests from the camping and RV industry who share their take on the current state of the camping, glamping, and RVing sectors as well as upcoming innovations in RV parks, campgrounds, outdoor resorts, glamping, and the RV industry.

To listen to previous episodes of MC Fireside Chats, visit: https://moderncampground.com/mc-fireside-chats/

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February 13, 2024 5:55 pm

It’s remarkable to see the potential of advanced chatbots like ChatGPT in outdoor hospitality. The integration with smart devices could revolutionize customer experiences and resource management.

March 24, 2024 8:49 pm
Reply to  sophie_soft

Integrating smart devices amps up customer experiences and streamlines resource management. Imagine, with these tools, personalized guest interactions will skyrocket! The potential of versatile tech like ChatGPT in outdoor hospitality is truly groundbreaking. Get ready for some exciting innovations in the industry!

May 23, 2024 7:53 am

Guess what? The panel really dug into how ChatGPT can amp up customer engagement and personalize guest experiences in outdoor hospitality. They also chatted about how this tool is set to revamp marketing strategies and boost efficiency in the industry. Pretty cool stuff, right?


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