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KOA Achieves Remarkable Growth with Major Campground Expansion in 2023

Kampgrounds of America, Inc. (KOA), a prominent player in the outdoor hospitality sector, has announced a significant expansion in its operations for 2023. 

The company’s growth trajectory has been marked by an increase in its campground count to 511 across North America, a notable achievement in the industry.

In the past year, KOA has successfully secured 12 conversions of independent parks and initiated eight new construction contracts. This expansion is a considerable step up from the 14 agreements in the previous year, demonstrating KOA’s ability to adapt and thrive in the evolving travel and camping industry.

Chris Fairlee, KOA’s chief acquisition officer, emphasized the company’s role in the industry, stating, “KOA is the go-to partner for conversion and new build campgrounds. The equation is easy for owners to see how our brand and services set them up for success and create operational efficiencies.”

The company’s future expansion plans are robust, with six parks currently transitioning to KOA-branded campgrounds and 26 new construction franchise campgrounds in the pipeline. Additionally, three owned properties are earmarked for development. KOA’s high franchise renewal rate of 95% indicates a potential to reach 550 campgrounds in the near future.

Toby O’Rourke, president and CEO of KOA, highlighted the company’s impact on its stakeholders, saying, “The combination of high renewal rates amongst our existing franchisees, along with the healthy influx of new franchisees and new campgrounds, is a clear indication that KOA is meeting the needs of our customers – both campers and franchisees alike. Our comprehensive range of services, from marketing and KOA.com to campground design and our proprietary Property Management System, K2, we are undoubtedly valuable at every stage of our franchisees’ business lifecycle. I am incredibly proud of what our teams have accomplished and am excited for what 2024 and beyond holds for KOA.”

KOA’s expansion is not just a testament to its growth but also a beacon for campground and RV park owners, as well as aspiring outdoor hospitality operators. The company’s success story serves as a model for effective brand positioning, customer service, and operational efficiency in the campground industry.

For campground owners, KOA’s growth strategy offers insights into the benefits of franchising, brand association, and the importance of adapting to market trends. The company’s focus on conversions and new constructions reflects a growing trend in the industry, where modernization and quality services are key to attracting a broader customer base.

Aspiring outdoor hospitality operators can draw lessons from KOA’s approach to franchisee support and development. The company’s high franchise renewal rate underscores the value of comprehensive support systems, including marketing, campground design, and property management.

The campground industry, as a whole, stands to benefit from KOA’s expansion. The company’s growth contributes to the overall development of the sector, setting new standards in campground quality, customer experience, and operational excellence.

KOA’s commitment to enhancing outdoor experiences for campers aligns with the industry’s focus on providing quality, memorable outdoor experiences. This commitment is crucial in an era where outdoor recreation is increasingly sought after by a diverse range of consumers.

KOA’s impressive growth in 2023 is a significant milestone in the outdoor hospitality industry. It not only marks the company’s success but also serves as a guiding light for campground and RV park owners, potential and aspiring outdoor hospitality operators, and the industry at large.

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February 16, 2024 12:36 pm

Delightful news for camping enthusiasts! KOA’s expansion is truly impressive, and I’m thrilled about the new amenities and experiences they’re introducing to enhance the camping journey. The upgraded recreational facilities and enhanced outdoor dining options sound fantastic. I also love the idea of the KOA Rewards program, offering perks and discounts to loyal campers. It’s a wonderful way for KOA to show appreciation for their continued support.


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