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Tennessee State Parks Unveils Two New Campgrounds

Tennessee State Parks recently unveiled two new campgrounds: a deluxe RV campground at Warriors’ Path State Park in Kingsport and a backcountry campground at Little Cove in South Cumberland State Park, located in the middle of the state. 

As per a report, these additions cater to both luxury campers and those who prefer a more rugged camping experience, offering a variety of options for outdoor enthusiasts.

Warriors’ Path State Park opened the newly-renovated Moody Bluff Campground, featuring 40 deluxe campsites with fire rings and hook-ups for electricity, water, and sewage. 

Some sites can accommodate RVs up to 75 feet, and nine pull-through sites provide added convenience. The campground also boasts two new bathhouses, allowing visitors to enjoy a hot shower after a day of outdoor adventures. Warriors’ Path State Park offers a choice of three campgrounds, including the Main Campground and Cedar Ridge Hammock Campground.

In the surrounding area, campers can take advantage of several popular outdoor activities, such as hiking, water sports, birdwatching, and fishing. These attractions make Warriors’ Path State Park a prime choice for those looking to immerse themselves in nature.

Little Cove Campground, located on the Fiery Gizzard Trail at South Cumberland State Park, is designed for experienced backpackers seeking adventure in middle Tennessee. It is accessible via a 7.6-mile hike from the Grundy Forest parking lot or a 6-mile hike from the Foster Falls parking lot. The campground offers five backcountry campsites, with a maximum occupancy of six people, and a spacious group campsite accommodating up to 30 people.

Each campsite at Little Cove Campground features its own fire ring and is situated next to a refreshing seasonal creek. An outhouse is also available on-site. 

South Cumberland State Park provides one primitive campground with drive-up campsites at Foster Falls Campground and four backcountry campgrounds requiring hiking to reach.

The opening of these new campgrounds brings numerous benefits to local communities, attracting more visitors and supporting eco-friendly tourism. This, in turn, boosts the local economy and emphasizes the importance of sustainable outdoor recreation.

Before embarking on a camping trip, campers should consider some general tips to ensure a responsible and enjoyable experience. Following the Leave No Trace principles, being mindful of local wildlife, and practicing campfire safety are all important aspects of responsible camping.

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Lisa Rivera
Lisa Rivera
April 17, 2024 6:10 am

You know what’s cool? The new campgrounds at Tennessee State Parks are a dream come true for all types of campers. The Warriors’ Path State Park RV campground is all about luxury and nature views, while the Little Cove Campground offers a rugged adventure with a touch of tranquility near a creek. Sounds like a perfect mix of comfort and wild exploration!


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