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From Tiny Houses to Treehouses: The Unique Stays of Coldwater Gardens

Nestled within the lush landscapes of Milton, Florida, Coldwater Gardens emerges as a sanctuary of sustainable luxury, seamlessly blending the allure of the great outdoors with eco-conscious living. 

This expansive 400-acre eco-resort not only offers a retreat for nature enthusiasts but also stands as a testament to innovative agricultural practices and environmentally friendly accommodations.

Photo from Coldwater Gardens via coldwatergardens.com

Guests at Coldwater Gardens can explore a variety of unique lodging options, each designed with an eye toward comfort and a minimal environmental footprint. 

The Tiny House, with its bright, modern farmhouse decor, offers a cozy escape for two, featuring a kitchenette, full bathroom, and a loft bedroom within a compact 186-square-foot layout. Its screened porch, equipped with hammock chairs, ensures guests can enjoy the natural surroundings in any weather.

The exterior of the Tiny House accommodation at Coldwater Gardens in Milton, Florida. | Photo from Coldwater Gardens via coldwatergardens.com

For those traveling in larger groups or with family, the Canopy Cottages provide a spacious haven nestled among the trees. Capable of accommodating six guests, these stilted cottages boast elevated decks, fire pits, and hammocks, blending communal and private spaces harmoniously. 

The Canopy Cottage. | Photo from Coldwater Gardens via coldwatergardens.com

The Cabana, with its climate-controlled bedroom and outdoor kitchen, presents a unique fusion of indoor comfort and outdoor living.

Photo from Coldwater Gardens via coldwatergardens.com

The resort’s Eco-Design Cabins, constructed with sustainability at the forefront, utilize geo-thermal heating and cooling, LED lighting, and locally sourced materials to offer a tranquil retreat for up to four guests. Positioned to afford stunning sunset vistas or a secluded woodland ambiance, these cabins underscore Coldwater Gardens’ commitment to eco-friendly practices.

The interior of the Eco-Design Cabin. | Photo from Coldwater Gardens via coldwatergardens.com

For adventurers seeking a more traditional camping experience with a luxurious twist, the Glamping Tents and the Treehouse provide an immersive outdoor stay.

Photo from Coldwater Gardens via coldwatergardens.com

Positioned on a gentle slope, the tents offer the charm of camping with added comforts, while the Treehouse, nestled within a dense magnolia canopy, delivers a unique arboreal lodging experience.

Photo from Coldwater Gardens via coldwatergardens.com

Adding to the allure of Coldwater Gardens are the Stargazer and Creekview Platforms, offering a more rustic camping experience.

The Stargazer Platform, set in an open pine savannah, provides panoramic views and features a 24’x16’ deck equipped with a fire ring, picnic table, and solar charging station for small devices.

Photo from Coldwater Gardens via coldwatergardens.com

The Creekview Platform, perched on a creek-side bluff amidst pine and cypress trees, offers a 16’x12’ deck with a fire ring and direct staircase access to Coldwater Creek, emphasizing a deep connection with the natural environment.

Photo from Coldwater Gardens via coldwatergardens.com

Sustainable Agriculture and Eco-Tourism

Beyond its diverse accommodations, Coldwater Gardens is a living embodiment of sustainable agriculture and eco-tourism. 

The resort dedicates five acres to growing fresh fruits, vegetables, and honey, with a particular focus on flora that supports local and migratory butterflies. 

An innovative aquaponics system, leveraging koi fish to fertilize plant beds in one of the greenhouses, exemplifies the symbiotic relationship between aquaculture and gardening. 

The presence of a chicken coop and numerous bunnies further enriches the resort’s sustainable farming practices, offering guests an intimate glimpse into eco-friendly agriculture.

On-Site Activities & Local Area

The resort encourages guests to delve into the natural world through a variety of on-site activities. The extensive network of trails invites biking enthusiasts and hikers to explore the diverse landscapes, from packed sand and gravel paths to grassy flats and challenging single tracks. These trails not only offer a physical challenge but also provide a unique opportunity to connect with the local flora and fauna.

The Creekview Platform. | Photo from Coldwater Gardens via coldwatergardens.com

For those looking to cool off or enjoy a leisurely day, Coldwater Creek presents an idyllic setting. With its clear, brisk waters and sandy banks, the creek is perfect for swimming, kayaking, or simply lounging on one of the several sandbars. The creek’s accessibility from various points within the resort ensures that all guests can find their own slice of tranquility.

Beyond the bounds of Coldwater Gardens, the Milton area and its surroundings offer a wealth of attractions and activities. The Blackwater River State Park, renowned for its pristine sandy-bottomed river, is a haven for canoeing, kayaking, and tubing enthusiasts. The park’s unspoiled wilderness is perfect for camping, picnicking, and bird watching, making it a must-visit for nature lovers.

Coldwater Gardens stands as a unique destination within the outdoor hospitality industry, blending luxurious accommodations with a deep commitment to environmental stewardship and outdoor recreation

Photo from Coldwater Gardens via coldwatergardens.com

Its on-site activities and proximity to local attractions make it an ideal getaway for those seeking to immerse themselves in nature, learn about sustainable living, or simply unwind in a serene setting.

Whether exploring the trails, cooling off in the creek, or venturing out to the local sights, guests at Coldwater Gardens are sure to find an experience that resonates with their spirit of adventure and appreciation for the natural world. 

This glampground is a haven for industry professionals, enthusiasts, and anyone seeking to blend the luxuries of modern hospitality with the timeless beauty of nature, serving as a beacon for how resorts can deliver exceptional guest experiences while positively impacting the environment.

For more information, visit coldwatergardens.com.

Featured image from Coldwater Gardens via coldwatergardens.com.

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April 13, 2024 2:09 am

Isn’t it cool? Coldwater Gardens offers unique stays and workshops like permaculture and beekeeping. Imagine yourself at farm-to-table dinners or yoga retreats in this nature haven. Amazing, right?


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