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Empowering RV Technicians: Truma and RV Technical Institute Elevate Specialty Training with Level 3 Certification Programs

In a notable stride towards enhancing the skills of RV technicians, Truma North America has embarked on a journey to offer Level 3 Specialty Technician training, a pivotal step that not only amplifies the expertise of technicians but also fortifies the RV industry with proficient service professionals. 

This initiative, in partnership with the RV Technical Institute (RVTI), opens avenues for technicians, who have successfully completed Level 1 and Level 2 of RVTI training, to delve deeper into specialty training on various Truma systems, including AquaGo, Aventa, Combi, and VarioHeat.

The training, meticulously designed to be both theoretical and hands-on, is not merely a knowledge-sharing session but a comprehensive program that enables technicians to troubleshoot and repair with a deep-seated understanding of the Truma systems, particularly the Truma AquaGo and Truma Combi systems. 

“We have worked closely with the RVTI over the years and look forward to giving more technicians in-depth training,” said Truma Head of Service Kyle Hastings. “Being able to get our systems in front of technicians gives them a better understanding of what sets us apart and helps them provide our ‘Simply Better’ experience to their customers.”

Truma, with a vision to provide in-depth training, has organized regional training sessions, ensuring that technicians are not just well-versed with the systems but also earn credits toward their RVTI Level 3 certification and continuing education credits for RVTI re-certification, as per the News & Insights report of the RV Industry Association (RVIA).

The synergy between Truma’s initiative and the RV Technical Institute’s curriculum is palpable, with both entities striving towards a common goal of elevating the skill set within the RV technician community. 

Truma’s training sessions, which are not only a deep dive into the technicalities of their systems but also a pathway towards RVTI Level 3 certification, mirror the Institute’s objective of enhancing the skills of technicians through their Level 3 curriculum. 

This parallel not only strengthens the training framework within the industry but also ensures that technicians are receiving a well-rounded, comprehensive education and training experience.

In addition, starting in 2024, the RV Technical Institute plans to lead up to five Level 3 training sessions annually, further solidifying the continuous learning and development opportunities for RV technicians. 

This, coupled with Truma’s regional training sessions, forms a robust network of training and development opportunities for technicians, ensuring that they are consistently updated with the latest in RV technology and service methodologies.

For technicians and entities interested in exploring Truma’s training sessions further, Jordan Day from Truma Corp can be contacted via telephone at 1 (855) 558-7862 ext. 2143, or via email at [email protected] or [email protected].   

Additional information about Truma and its products can be explored on Truma’s website or via email: [email protected].

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February 16, 2024 9:21 pm

This training program emboldens RV technicians to excel in servicing Truma systems, benefiting both technicians and RV owners.

May 2, 2024 7:52 pm

Get pumped for the next-gen RV tech training by Truma and RVTI! Level 3 certs mean tackling any RV fix like a boss. Say hello to top-tier skills and bye-bye to RV headaches!


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