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Wildfires and Camping: The Dyrt’s Role in ‘Elemental: Reimagine Wildfire

The recent release of the critically acclaimed documentary “Elemental: Reimagine Wildfire” has shown the increasingly evident repercussions of wildfires and other natural disasters on the camping industry.

The Dyrt’s 2023 Camping Report reveals that 18.1% of campers had to alter or abandon their plans due to wildfires and natural disasters last year, marking a substantial increase from the 6.1% reported in 2019. The challenge of securing a campsite has also intensified, becoming five times more difficult over the same three-year period.

“Elemental: Reimagine Wildfire” seeks to challenge prevailing misconceptions about wildfires, offering a fresh perspective on how human civilization can harmoniously coexist with this natural phenomenon.

Crafted over a span of five years by filmmaker Trip Jennings, the film was brought to life with the assistance of The Dyrt PRO, a leading resource for campers. Jennings utilized The Dyrt PRO to locate numerous campsites while documenting wildfires in the remote regions of Oregon, Washington, and California. 

The Dyrt PRO proved indispensable, enabling Jennings to navigate the unpredictable nature of wildfires, including fluctuating weather patterns, evacuation mandates, and shifting fire conditions.

The documentary doesn’t merely highlight the problems; it also proposes innovative solutions for making structures more resilient to wildfires, thereby mitigating community devastation. It suggests that residents in fire-prone areas can implement many of these modifications over a few weekends.

Kevin Long, CEO of The Dyrt, takes pride in the fact that their extensive database of over 8 million campground reviews, photographs, and tips played a pivotal role in the production of this significant film.

The Dyrt stands as the only comprehensive camping resource boasting over 8 million user-generated reviews for RV, cabin, glamping, and tent camping. It also hosts the largest collection of campsites, encompassing all public, private, and free camping areas across the United States.

Campers turn to The Dyrt to reserve camping spots, discover new camping destinations, and secure bookings at fully booked campgrounds. The Dyrt PRO offers campers advanced maps and camping discounts. With over 30 million annual visits, The Dyrt is the top-rated camping app.

Elemental: Reimagine Wildfire” is now accessible on platforms such as Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video, and more. For additional information, visit elementalfilm.com. To learn more about The Dyrt, visit www.thedyrt.com.

To gain a deeper understanding of the film, the official trailer for “Elemental: Reimagine Wildfire” can be viewed on YouTube. The film’s YouTube channel, “Elemental, Reimagining Wildfire,” also features a clip titled “Labor Day 2020 Fires – A Clip From Elemental: Reimagine Wildfire.”

“Elemental: Reimagine Wildfire” is a groundbreaking documentary that illuminates the profound impact of wildfires on our environment and the camping industry. It presents innovative strategies for living in harmony with this natural process and underscores the value of resources like The Dyrt PRO in adapting to these circumstances. 

The film serves as a poignant reminder for campground owners and outdoor enthusiasts to remain prepared and adaptable in the face of natural disasters.


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