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Electric Outdoors Reveals Partnership with Nxu to Elevate Eco-Friendly Camping Experience

Electric Outdoors, Inc., a sustainable off-grid camping system, announced a strategic partnership with Nxu, Inc., a technology firm at the forefront of electric vehicle (EV) charging and energy storage innovations. This collaboration aims to enhance the camping and road-tripping experience for EV owners by integrating advanced charging technology with eco-friendly camping platforms.

Electric Outdoors is set to integrate Nxu’s NxuOne™ charging system into its solar-powered EO Canopy, enhancing the utility of its camping platform for campers and road travelers.  This integration promises to offer a charging experience for EV users in off-grid environments.

We are thrilled to embark on this journey with Electric Outdoors and explore the possibilities found at the intersection of charging technology and outdoor adventure. Together, we aim to redefine the landscape for cross-country EV road-trippers and weekend warriors, offering innovative charging solutions that enhance their overall experience,” Mark Hanchett, CEO and founder of Nxu, said in a press release.

Nxu, in return, plans to install EO Canopies at remote locations and during the construction of new charging stations. This initiative aims to provide essential amenities to travelers, ensuring convenience and accessibility even in the most remote areas. The collaboration includes the development of pull-through charging stations, catering specifically to the needs of electric RVs, a growing segment in the outdoor hospitality industry.

The EO Canopy, Electric Outdoors’ flagship product, represents a groundbreaking approach to camping, powered entirely by renewable energy. This aligns with the company’s mission to provide sustainable off-grid energy, water, and waste solutions to campers, including EV drivers and RVers. Josef Hjelmaker, CEO and founder of Electric Outdoors, emphasized the partnership’s role in advancing the future of electric RVs and off-grid camping.

Electric Outdoors, Inc. specializes in developing technology to enhance outdoor experiences sustainably. Its EO Canopy is a testament to the company’s dedication to eco-friendly camping, offering a solution for EV drivers and campers seeking to explore the outdoors responsibly.

Meanwhile, Nxu, Inc., a domestic technology company, focuses on propelling the future of energy with its contributions to e-mobility and energy storage. It showcases its development of a comprehensive ecosystem for energy storage solutions, charging infrastructure, and over-air cloud management.

By combining Nxu’s advanced charging infrastructure with Electric Outdoors’ sustainable camping solutions, the partnership paves the way for an adventure accessible to EV adopters. The collaboration, initiated through a Letter of Intent (LOI), underscores both companies’ commitment to cleantech innovation and a sustainable future.

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Featured image by Electric Outdoors, Inc. via electricoutdoors.tech

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April 20, 2024 8:18 pm

Imagine hitting the road with Electric Outdoors and Nxu – it’s a game-changer for eco-friendly campers like us! The NxuOne™ system and EO Canopy are a dream combo for off-grid charging bliss.


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