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Glamping Show Americas 2023 Day 1 Recap: Insights and Strategies for Luxury Camping Entrepreneurs

The Glamping Show Americas 2023’s inaugural opening yesterday unfolded as a pivotal event in the realm of luxury camping, offering a rich tapestry of insights, innovations, and expert strategies for both seasoned and budding glamping entrepreneurs. 

The event, meticulously structured to provide a wealth of knowledge, witnessed a series of sessions, workshops, and expos, each tailored to address the multifaceted aspects of the glamping business.

Day 1 Recap

Day 1 commenced with a profound “Glamping Americas 2023 State of the Industry Report,” presented by Scott Bahr, president of Cairn Consulting Group

The report, a pioneering research endeavor, meticulously encapsulated the developmental trajectory, emergent trends, and future projections within the glamping industry, providing attendees with a robust framework to navigate through their glamping business planning and execution.

In a report by Modern Campground, Bahr urged operators to consider guest perceptions and past experiences when shaping their offerings. The survey paints a vivid picture of the glamping landscape. A notable finding is that 28% of operators are in their first year, signaling a significant influx of newcomers and highlighting the industry’s growth potential.

In the next session of day 1, Sarah Riley, CEO of The Glamping Academy, illuminated the path through “Worldwide Travel Trends in Glamping Hospitality,” sharing a global perspective on unique structures, innovative AI tools, and prioritized value-driven services in the glamping sector. 

In a Modern Campground report, her session, enriched with real-world examples, aimed to equip glamping businesses with strategies to stand out and attract commendable occupancy levels in this dynamically evolving travel era.

Navigating through the intricate web of legalities, Christine Taylor, a partner at The Towne Law Firm, presented “It’s a ‘No Rainer.’ Keep Yourself Protected from a Legal Storm.” 

The session meticulously traversed through the common legal challenges and potential long-term issues faced by outdoor hospitality owners and operators, providing a roadmap for handling fundamental aspects like waivers, releases, employee management, and guest handling.

Josh Bell, vice president of operations and finance at Kampgrounds Enterprises, Inc., shared invaluable insights on transitioning “From Campsites to Glamping,” focusing on creating a seamless and elevated guest experience by integrating mixed-usage and glamping amenities. 

The session delved into the strategic integration of glamping elements into existing structures and highlighted key considerations like zoning regulations, site selection, and financial planning.

Peering into Day 2: Building and Branding

Day 2 promises a behind-the-scenes look into “Building a Brand” with Jenny McCullough, senior director of marketing and operations of Terramor Outdoor Resort, elucidating the journey from an idea to creating a brand identity and its significance to customers. 

The session aims to guide through ensuring naming legality, crafting brand messaging, and ensuring a comprehensive brand experience from pre-trip to post-stay.

Kathleen Walsh, president of Advanced Outdoor Solutions, will delve into the mathematics of amenities, rates, and occupancy in her session “Math That Works. Amenities = Rate + Occupancy,” exploring how resort amenities enhance guest experience and enjoyment while impacting construction budgets and financial planning.

“Ignore ADA Compliance at Your Peril” will be a pivotal session by Irene Jones, program manager at ARM, Marshall & Sterling, guiding through the complexities of The Americans with Disabilities Act, ensuring that glamping resorts are not only welcoming but also compliant with regulatory norms.

Nathan Mayfield, vice president at ResNexus, will unravel strategies in “Strategic Pricing: How to Maximize Occupancy and Profit,” focusing on setting the right price for properties using variable and dynamic pricing principles, considering factors like occupancy, seasonality, and competition.

Day 1 of The Glamping Show Americas 2023 unfolded as a repository of insights, strategies, and expert advice, guiding attendees through various facets of the glamping industry, from global trends, and legalities to strategic integrations of traditional and glamping experiences. 

In anticipation of day 2, the expectation is to delve deeper into brand building, strategic pricing, and ensuring ADA compliance, each session meticulously crafted to enhance the knowledge and strategic planning of glamping entrepreneurs, without a directive towards specific actions or community engagements.


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