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Bowlus Pioneers the Future of Luxury Travel as the First Fully Electric RV Company


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Bowlus, a trailblazer in the recreational vehicle (RV) industry, has taken a bold leap forward by announcing its transition to become the first fully electric RV company. 

As per a report, the groundbreaking move comes on the heels of the successful launch of their all-electric RV, the Bowlus Volterra, in August of last year. The company’s commitment to sustainable luxury travel is evident in its decision to make all models fully electric, including the Volterra, Terra Firma, and Heritage.

The visionary behind this ambitious initiative, Geneva Long, had conceptualized the idea of an all-electric RV a decade ago. She sought to reimagine the original riveted aluminum travel trailer, transforming it into a fully immersive, luxurious land travel experience that would make RVing less strenuous and more rejuvenating for travelers.

A key factor contributing to the Bowlus RVs’ suitability as electric vehicles is their unique aerodynamic, trademarked monocoque shape. Long and her team of experts has meticulously engineered the Bowlus brand to prioritize lightness, resulting in a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 2,500 to 4,000 lb., depending on the model.

This lightweight design is approximately half the weight of existing and conceptual trailer trailers, enabling the Bowlus RVs to be effortlessly towed by a wide range of electric vehicles. This compatibility provides users with the ultimate range of zero-emission luxury camping experiences.

In addition to its innovative design, the Bowlus Power Management System, with a capacity of up to 17 kWh (depending on the model), is another revolutionary feature of these electric RVs. Combined with Bowlus Aersolar Solar technology, the system allows travelers to enjoy a self-sufficient journey completely independent of fossil fuels and campgrounds. This cutting-edge combination eliminates the last lingering inconveniences typically associated with luxury travel.

Bowlus has a rich history of leading the RV industry, boasting a long list of firsts. In 2016, the company pioneered the first lithium-powered RV that could power air conditioning off-grid, while many in the industry still only showcase such features in concept RVs.

Expanding its product lineup, Bowlus recently unveiled their most accessible offering, the Heritage edition, with a starting price of $159,000. This announcement demonstrates the company’s dedication to making sustainable luxury travel a reality for a broader audience.

As the first fully electric RV company, Bowlus is poised to revolutionize the luxury travel landscape, paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future in recreational vehicles.

Featured image from Bowlus.


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