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App My Community Unveils New Features for Enhanced User Experience

App My Community, a developer of mobile applications for resorts, is set to make waves in the outdoor hospitality industry with the unveiling of groundbreaking features aimed at enhancing user experiences. 

This development marks a pivotal moment in the outdoor hospitality landscape, promising streamlined operations and improved guest satisfaction.

In a major leap forward for campground owners, App My Community’s most significant update involves seamless integration with Newbook, a renowned Property Management System (PMS). 

This integration brings unprecedented convenience to guests, enabling them to make on-site purchases directly through the resort’s mobile app and have charges seamlessly added to their booking. 

Additionally, the app now intelligently recognizes users’ in-house or arrival status, tailoring push notifications accordingly. 

Guests can also conveniently review their current and past bookings and charges within a single interface. This innovation not only enhances the user experience but also paves the way for potential future integrations with other PMS vendors, promising further operational efficiency.

Campground operators will benefit from a newly introduced feature aimed at efficient inventory management. This feature ensures control over product and ticket availability, enabling operators to track availability and switch to a waitlist automatically when tickets sell out. The result is improved management, reduced overbooking, and a smoother guest experience, particularly during on-site events.

App My Community has incorporated Campy, an AI chatbot built on ChatGPT, into its app. Campy offers 24/7 customer service to RV parks, campgrounds, and glamping resorts, allowing them to generate more bookings, save employee time, and enhance the guest experience. With Campy integrated into the app, guests gain quick access to assistance at any time, eliminating the need to navigate to the resort’s website first.

Joe Duemig, co-founder of App My Community, expressed enthusiasm about these new features: “These new features demonstrate our commitment to enhancing community 

engagement and guest experiences through technology, while preserving the essential personal connection between resort hosts and their guests. We believe that the integration with 

Newbook, the introduction of our inventory management system, and the inclusion of Campy 

will set new standards in the outdoor hospitality industry.

The impact of App My Community’s updates on the campground and outdoor hospitality industry is significant.

Campground owners and operators stand to benefit significantly from these technological advancements, as they streamline operations, improve guest experiences, and foster a stronger sense of community. The integration of Newbook, inventory management, and Campy reflects App My Community’s commitment to bridging the gap between technology and personalized service in the outdoor hospitality sector.


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