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News for March 20, 2023

Flow-Rite Pro-Fill Makes Battery Maintenance Fast and Easy


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Whether the RV engine battery or the house battery bank, checking electrolyte levels and adding water often involves bending, squatting, and stretching to reach them. But with a Pro-Fill Onboard Battery Watering System from Flow-Rite, routine maintenance is fast and easy, as per a press release.

This manifold and battery fill port valve assembly enables filling all cells to the ideal level simultaneously, without contortions by the user.

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The Pro-Fill single-point solution overcomes two important safety issues. First, its unique design has a built-in water barrier and flame arrestor to prevent sparks from igniting adjacent battery cell gases. Second, because it’s a sealed system, there’s no chance of acid splashing. It’s the safest method of watering batteries on the market today.

Installing the Pro-Fill Onboard Battery Watering System is a simple DIY project that doesn’t require modifying the 6-, 8- or 12-volt battery case. Each vent cap is replaced with a patented Flow-Rite shut-off valve and interconnected via the manifold assembly; multiple batteries are linked with the acid-resistant tubing. The array attaches to a water supply with a quick coupler. A flow indicator signals when filling has been completed. A video is at www.bit.ly/Pro-Fill-Install.

Made in the USA, Flow-Rite’s Pro-Fill Onboard Battery Watering System comes with a five-year warranty. Prices start at $64.99.

Contact Flow-Rite, 960 74th St SW, Byron Center, MI 49315. 616-583-1700. customerservice@flow-rite.com; www.flow-rite.com.

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