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Troedrhiwgwair Glamping Plans Ignite Debate on Landslide Risks Amid Climate Change

In a move that has sparked both interest and concern, the approval of tourist accommodation plans at an abandoned school near Tredegar in England has been met with mixed reactions. 

According to an article by South Wales Argus, the proposal, put forth by Mr. and Mrs. Ross Hughes, aims to transform the Old School, Troedrhiwghwair into a glamping site featuring “leisure pods”.

The location of the proposed site has raised eyebrows, primarily because the school was closed in the 1970s due to fears of a mountain slip. 

Local residents have voiced their concerns, stating that the ground’s stability remains a contentious issue. 

Houses in the area were bought under compulsory purchase orders in the past, leading to worries that former villagers could seek compensation from Blaenau Gwent if the application is approved.

Sophie Godfrey, a planning officer, acknowledged the public concerns and the area’s history of landslides but stated that the applicant has submitted information demonstrating the site’s stability. 

She recommended that councilors approve the application, adding that a further sustainable drainage application would need to be approved before building work can commence.

This official response has done little to quell the fears of those who remember the area’s history. 

The school’s closure and the subsequent departure of villagers under compulsory purchase orders are still fresh in the minds of many, making the approval of the glamping plans a sensitive issue.

Wales has been grappling with the broader issue of landslides, exacerbated by climate change and the impact of heavy rainfall and flooding. 

According to a BBC News article, the country has seen an increase in the number of landslides, leading to concerns about another tragedy like the Aberfan disaster of 1966. Residents are calling for more stringent measures to ensure the safety of areas prone to landslides.

The disagreement between the Welsh and UK governments over who should pay to make the tips safe adds another layer of complexity to the issue. 

While the governments debate, residents are left in a state of uncertainty, questioning the wisdom of approving construction projects in areas with a history of landslides.

The implications of landslides extend beyond residential areas to the camping and glamping industry. 

Many sites are located in natural areas that may be at risk. Operators are urged to assess the risk of landslides in their area and take necessary precautions, such as installing surface drainage

Ultimately, the decision to approve the glamping plans in Troedrhiwgwair highlights the need for a more comprehensive approach to land use planning and risk assessment. 

As climate change continues to exacerbate the risk of landslides, it is crucial for local governments and industry operators to work together to develop strategies that prioritize public safety while supporting economic development.

While the glamping plans at the Old School, Troedrhiwgwair, may offer an opportunity for economic growth and tourism development, it is essential to weigh these benefits against the potential risks. 

The concerns raised by local residents and the history of landslides in the area underscore the importance of a thorough and transparent decision-making process.

As the country faces increasing risks due to climate change, it is imperative to develop robust strategies that balance economic development with public safety and environmental sustainability. 

The Troedrhiwgwair case serves as a reminder of the importance of considering all potential impacts when making decisions that affect the community and the environment.

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April 4, 2024 10:40 am

We should consider the impact of the proposed glamping site in Troedrhiwghwair on the environment and wildlife. Engaging with the community and ensuring safety and conservation are vital. Let’s work together for a sustainable and secure future for all.


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