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South Ayrshire Holiday Park Plans Expected To Be Rejected

Councilors of South Ayshire (United Kingdom) are expected to reject plans for new holiday parks due to concerns that it will negatively impact the landscape.

They have been asked to reject the park bids, which officers say would have a “detrimental visual impact on the coastal landscape.”

The first application seeks approval to build nine holiday units at Castlehill Farm, less than a mile north of Culzean Castle, according to a report.

Almost 90 objections have been made about the proposal that would see one, two, and three-bedroom lodges built.

According to planners, even the three supporting representations’ feature points are considered to be objections.

Issues include the impact on the landscape, flooding concerns, noise and air pollution, outdoor access, disruption during construction, and whether there is a need for a holiday park.

In a report to South Ayrshire Council’s Regulatory Panel, planners state that the area where the units are to be situated is designated as an ‘undeveloped’ coast.

This formal visitor facility, they say, would result in a ‘detrimental visual impact on the coastal landscape setting of the locale’ and recommend refusal.

The other application relates to a site 1.5 miles from the Holmston Roundabout on the A77, around two miles west of Annbank.

Like the first application, this seeks to change the use of undeveloped land to create a holiday park. It would feature eight lodges and 20 caravan pitches, as well as a central reception building.

The park would feature two- and three-bedroom lodges with raised decking and a hot tub for the three-bedroomed units.

Unlike the other application, there are more representations of support, 12, than objections 11.

These objections include claims it is contrary to planning policy, will impact the landscape, has the potential to exacerbate flooding, creates noise, odor, and light pollution, has little pathway connections, and has no nearby amenities.

Supporters say it would provide a quieter choice for visitors, is a small family business, and would be good for the local economy.

Planners have highlighted ‘significant concerns that the application proposals would have a detrimental visual impact on the established rural landscape character and setting of the locale’.

The report continues: “Furthermore, the development is considered to be sited in an unsustainable location which is not connected to local footpaths, cycle paths or any bus or rails routes and does not encourage active travel.”

Councilors will consider the application on Wednesday, October 12.

This article originally appeared on STV News.

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Finn Harbor
Finn Harbor
February 20, 2024 1:32 pm

It’s interesting to note that the suggested holiday park plans have also sparked concerns about the potential strain on infrastructure and public services in the area, such as roads and healthcare facilities. Furthermore, environmental groups have raised worries about the impact on the natural habitat and wildlife, emphasizing the need for careful consideration of conservation efforts. In my opinion, finding a harmonious balance between development and environmental preservation is vital for the area’s sustainability.

March 13, 2024 11:49 am

Did you know that preserving wildlife and biodiversity is crucial when it comes to deciding on new holiday parks in South Ayrshire? It’s not just about the landscape. we gotta think about the critters too! Let’s make sure we’re looking out for those habitats and ecosystems when we’re planning these developments near our beautiful coastal areas. Let’s keep our natural treasures safe!

March 14, 2024 7:56 pm
Reply to  jazzJenna

I heard that safeguarding wildlife and biodiversity plays a big role in the decision-making process for new holiday parks in South Ayrshire. It’s pretty neat how they’re looking out for nature like that. Did you know that protecting habitats can lead to a healthier environment for all creatures to thrive in?

Brian Wood
Brian Wood
April 20, 2024 12:46 am

It’s important for developers to think about alternative designs to minimize environmental impacts. How do you think we can strike a balance between objections and holiday park goals?

Paul Howard
Paul Howard
May 17, 2024 11:07 am

Have you heard about the latest buzz in South Ayrshire? People are really speaking up about protecting the natural beauty and balance of the area. It’s all about keeping things eco-friendly and sustainable. Let’s hope decision-makers take this to heart, thinking about the community and wildlife.


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