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Seventy Ninth Group’s Strategic Move in Scotland’s Holiday Park Sector

In a significant development in the UK’s leisure sector, the Seventy Ninth Group, a prominent asset management company based in North West England, has finalized terms for the acquisition and redevelopment of two holiday parks in Scotland. 

This project, with a combined gross development value exceeding £300 million, marks a strategic expansion in the luxury holiday accommodation market.

The Seventy Ninth Group, known for its innovative approach in real estate and natural resources, has a diverse investment portfolio. With a history of managing assets successfully since 1985, the Group has established itself as a leader in redeveloping undervalued assets, particularly in the leisure and holiday park sector.

The redevelopment plans involve constructing up to 700 luxury holiday lodges, each equipped with modern amenities like on-site dining, health, and spa facilities. These lodges, set in exclusive locations in Scotland, are poised to redefine luxury leisure accommodation in the region.

The luxury lodges, with starting prices at £200,000, cater to the growing UK staycation market. This move by the Seventy Ninth Group taps into the increasing demand for high-quality holiday experiences, promising a blend of luxury and comfort, as reported by BDC Magazine.

The Group, a family-owned business led by the Webster family, is driven by strong family values and a commitment to global client respect. Their entrepreneurial spirit and focus on high growth assets have been pivotal in their success.

The redevelopment projects are expected to significantly impact Scotland’s local economy and tourism sector. The investment in luxury leisure accommodation aligns with the evolving UK staycation market, potentially creating new jobs and boosting local businesses.

Jake Webster, the Group’s Managing Director, emphasizes the potential for long-term, stable returns in the luxury leisure sector. The Group’s strategic investment in holiday parks reflects a keen understanding of market trends and growth opportunities.

The Seventy Ninth Group’s commitment to sustainable and ethical investment, particularly in natural resources, aligns with global ESG trends. Their approach to investment during economic uncertainties suggests a robust and adaptable business strategy.

The article contains forward-looking statements about the Group’s future plans and objectives. These statements, while indicative of the Group’s ambitions, are subject to inherent risks and uncertainties in the real estate and leisure sectors.

For further inquiries or investment interests, the Seventy Ninth Group can be contacted at +44 (0) 151 316 0392 or via email at [email protected]. Additional contact details include Liam Britnell (PR Contact) at +44 7453 364820, [email protected].

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February 19, 2024 9:43 am

The Seventy Ninth Group’s move in Scotland’s holiday park sector is truly remarkable! Their commitment to innovation and sustainable investment speaks volumes about their dedication to providing top-notch holiday experiences. I’m thrilled to see how this will elevate Scotland’s status as a top holiday destination. Can’t wait to see these luxury holiday lodges in action!

February 21, 2024 3:32 am

This maneuver by the Seventy Ninth Group signals a transformative approach to upscale leisure accommodation in Scotland, with a promising impact on the region’s economy and job market. Their dedication to sustainability and ethical investment sets a new benchmark for responsible development.

April 6, 2024 6:58 pm
Reply to  JoelMeadow

Well, look at you dropping knowledge bombs like a pro! Can you throw in two new materials or recommendations into the mix to spice things up a bit?

Nolan Creek
Nolan Creek
May 1, 2024 2:07 pm

Did you know that the Seventy Ninth Group’s move into Scotland’s holiday park scene is not just about luxury lodges? It’s a bold step towards offering top-notch leisure experiences and shaking up the industry standards. I’m excited to see how they redefine the game with sustainable practices and community involvement!


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