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News for March 27, 2023

Pease Bay Leisure Park Plans To Be Open All Year Round


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Verdant Leisure wants to alter some of the previous approvals from the Scottish Borders Council for Pease Bay Leisure Park (United Kingdom) to be allowed to remain open all year round instead of being available only from March to January.

Located east of Cockburnspath, Pease Bay has less than 330 pitches composed of 300 privately owned caravans or lodges and 23 short-term lets, according to a report by the Border Telegraph.

The applicant from the park said the change would support sustainability in its economy and local businesses near the area that are relying on the leisure and tourism industry.

In the past, local authorities have been reluctant to allow holiday parks to be in operation throughout the year due to fears that holiday homes could be employed as permanent homes.

But Verdant Leisure said that method is no anymore “practical or reasonable.” The latest offer comes amid an increase in people opting to spend their holidays with their families in the UK.

A statement of support for the application stated that the Local Development Plan supports a growing tourism and leisure sector in Scotland since it will bring economic advantages to Cockburnspath village and the greater area.

The possibility of opening the park for another month is expected to cause minimal disruption to the surrounding area in terms of traffic and the pressure on local infrastructure and amenities.

The applicant also points out Coldingham Bay Bay Leisure Park, which is located within the Borders region Coldingham Bay Bay Leisure Park is also located within the Borders and is already operating with the ability to remain open throughout the year.

The decision to close the holiday parks for one month each year to limit the caravans exclusively used for residence is no longer feasible and sensible, and the local authority’s concerns about the possibility of permanent occupancy of holiday lodges are addressed via site licensing and if needed could be subject to conditions.

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