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Crowfield Rose Pub’s New Caravan Park: A Boost for Local Value

The Crowfield Rose pub in Crowfield, east of Needham Market, has received unanimous approval from Mid Suffolk councillors for a controversial caravan and camping site to be set up behind the pub. 

The proposal includes six static caravans and space for tents. The pub’s landlord, Glen Hughes, submitted the application after facing difficulties in keeping the pub open and financially viable following the Covid pandemic.

In a statement made at the meeting, Hughes explained that the new campsite will encourage tourism, boost the economy, and ensure the Crowfield Rose pub continues as an important asset long into the future. 

The pub, which had been closed for more than eight years, was bought by Hughes in 2017 and opened to the public in 2019. Despite securing a customer base and enjoying some success, the pandemic hit, and Hughes was unable to regain all the customers or make the pub profitable.

However, the proposal attracted 71 objections from local residents, suggesting that a holiday park already exists nearby at Stonham Barns, and that the ‘close rural community’ feel of the area will disappear as it becomes a ‘tourist-led destination’ as reported by Suffolk News. 

Crowfield Parish Council was also against the plans, listing objections including the impact on the landscape and wildlife, noise and light pollution, access within a 60mph zone, and vehicle movements affecting residents.

Despite these objections, councillors were keen to ensure the site is used only for tourists – not for permanent guests. Officers believe this is ensured through a condition that means people must stay for no longer than 28 days at a time, and return no earlier than 28 days after a visit. 

Cllr Sarah Mansel was worried about a public right of way passing near to caravans, leading officers to add a condition that ensures the public right of way is considered and managed.

The site would include five static caravans for tourism use, one for office/management use, and a building for facilities – including toilets, showers and washing up areas. Officers believe a toilet and shower unit would be accessible for disabled people. 

The north and north-west third of the site would remain a grass field for tents. One-third of the area would be retained as a field and used for activities by tourists.

An internal access road, down the centre of the site, would lead through the existing pub car park. Caravan park users would use the pub’s access to enter and exit the site. The area comprises maintained grassland owned by the Crowfield Rose Pub, and is designated as countryside.

The new caravan park at the Crowfield Rose pub is set to boost the local economy and ensure the pub’s viability. Despite objections from local residents and the parish council, the council has given the green light for the project, with conditions to ensure it is used only for tourism and respects the local environment and public rights of way.

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Jennifer Young
Jennifer Young
March 15, 2024 9:03 pm

Let’s focus on supporting the community with eco-friendly caravan park practices. Partnering with locals and hosting events can really boost the area’s vibe for both residents and visitors. Let’s make it happen!


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