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Rowan’s Ravine Provincial Park to Expand with up to 225 New Campsites


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Rowan’s Ravine Provincial Park in Saskatchewan, Canada is set to expand with the addition of up to 225 long-term seasonal (LTS) campsites. 

The Government of Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sports is inviting proposals for the design, development, and operation of the new campsites, which will be situated south of the marina.

Existing Sask Parks campers have expressed a desire for a long-term seasonal campground at Rowan’s Ravine, which already has the largest complement of existing seasonal sites in the provincial park system, all of which are fully booked every year. 

The proposal documents on Sask tenders outline the requirements for the new LTS sites, including a maximum of 225 full-service sites that incorporate natural features, a minimum lot size of 40 x 70 ft with a minimum of 15 feet between sites, and the construction of a multi-use outdoor sports court and splash/spray park outside of the LTS area, which will become the property of the park and be maintained by them.

The Ministry is encouraging innovation and creativity with the proposals, urging developers to think about the amenities and recreation opportunities that occupants would look for in addition to campsites that will make their stay more comfortable. 

The successful developer will lease and operate the campground with a percentage and base rate of fees paid to the government.

Provincial parks are managed for the enjoyment of all park visitors, and park lands designated for this opportunity will remain publicly owned.

The development of long-term seasonal sites isn’t new in provincial parks. Since 2010, the private sector has developed 584 sites, which are fully funded by the private sector. 

Private sector delivered facilities and services remove the infrastructure investment, ongoing maintenance and management costs from the Ministry. 

The Ministry notes that other benefits of the expansion include the creation of jobs in the area and stimulating the local economy by using area contractors and suppliers.

While the expansion of Rowan’s Ravine is good news for campers, some campground developers in the area are expressing concerns. 

The RM of McKillop, a neighbor to the park, was not consulted by the Province about the expansion. 

Rowan’s Ridge RV Resort, located just outside the park but within the RM, took eight years to receive approval, and Pam Mcpheat, another campground developer, has been trying for three years to have her campground approved by the RM.

Despite these concerns, the expansion of Rowan’s Ravine Provincial Park represents a significant opportunity for camping enthusiasts to secure long-term seasonal sites in one of Saskatchewan’s most popular outdoor destinations.


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