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St. Lawrence Parks Achieves Historic High in Camping Reservations

Eastern Ontario’s (Canada) Parks of the St. Lawrence set a new record on March 7, as nearly 7,000 camping reservations were made on the first day of the booking season for 2024. 

As per a release, the online reservation system, opened at 9 a.m., saw an overwhelming response from campers eager to secure their spots along the picturesque St. Lawrence River.

The demand for camping slots was immediate, with 1,820 reservations confirmed within the first five minutes of the booking window. By the end of the first hour, 75% of the day’s total bookings were completed.

The surge in reservations represents a significant uptick in camping interest at the Parks of the St. Lawrence. Compared to the first-day sales in 2019, the numbers have nearly tripled, indicating a growing trend in outdoor recreational activities in the region.

On the opening day, the online platform processed an impressive number of transactions, contrasting sharply with the 50 reservations made via telephone. This efficiency underscores the advantages of digital booking systems, allowing more campers to simultaneously secure their preferred sites.

The Parks of the St. Lawrence ended the 2023 season with 29,415 bookings, hosting nearly 329,000 visitors, of whom at least 43% came from outside Ontario. The 2024 reservation launch saw a notable increase in new guests, with 35% of reservations made by individuals who did not book in 2023.

SLPC Chair, Hon. Bob Runciman, highlighted the positive impact of the reservation surge on local economies. He emphasized that the influx of visitors not only fulfills the commission’s mandate to foster regional economic prosperity but also enhances the local tourism and hospitality sectors.

Neil Lumsden, minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport, recognized the Parks of the St. Lawrence as a premier tourist destination in eastern Ontario. He commended the strong start to the 2024 camping season, attributing it to the region’s appeal and the growing popularity of outdoor experiences.

Building on the success of the 2023 pilot project that extended the camping season, the Parks of the St. Lawrence are expanding this initiative. This year, three more campgrounds will extend their operating seasons, allowing visitors to enjoy the area’s natural beauty for longer periods.

The extended season dates are particularly significant for Ivy Lea Campground and McLaren Campground’s roofed accommodations, available from May 10 to October 26. Mille Roches Campground will also see an extended season, from May 17 to September 14, catering to the preferences of a broader range of campers.

The Parks of the St. Lawrence, stretching over 7000 acres from the 1000 Islands to the Quebec border, offer diverse recreational opportunities. With scenic waterfront parkways, sandy beaches, picnic areas, and extensive trail networks, the parks serve as a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.

As a major tourism driver in Eastern Ontario, the Parks of the St. Lawrence continue to attract campers, hikers, cyclists, and nature lovers. Their commitment to enhancing visitor experiences and supporting local economies remains central to their operation.

For more information on the Parks of the St. Lawrence and the 2024 camping season, visitors are encouraged to explore the official website, stlawrenceparks.com, where they can find details on campground offerings, season dates, and booking options.

Featured image by Parks of the St. Lawrence via facebook.com/StLawParks 

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May 6, 2024 7:14 am

The surge in camping reservations at St. Lawrence Parks is incredible! 😮 It’s awesome to see the park’s commitment to enhancing the visitor experience and promoting sustainability. 🌿 Can’t wait to check out the new amenities and activities they have in store!

May 16, 2024 6:54 pm
Reply to  zenZara

The park’s upgrades are top-notch. Let’s remember to protect nature while enjoying it. Can’t wait to explore the new amenities together! Lawrence Parks rocks!


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