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Discover Algonquin Park’s New Cabins and Yurts

Algonquin Park has recently introduced new cabins and yurts for visitors to book. The addition of these accommodations aims to alleviate the high demand for overnight stays in the iconic provincial park.

Photo courtesy of Algonquin Provincial Park

As per a report, the new accommodations are located at Mew Lake campground and were announced earlier this month, following a CA$3.3 million commitment from the Ontario government. This investment is part of a larger effort to enhance visitors’ experiences at the park.

A spokeswoman for the park described the cabins as “rustic, one-room cabins” that are available year-round. These cabins can sleep up to five people, providing a cozy and comfortable option for small groups or families.

The yurts, which can accommodate six people, are soft-sided tent-like structures featuring a transparent dome for sky viewing. These unique accommodations offer a more immersive experience for those looking to connect with the natural surroundings of Algonquin Park.

Photo courtesy of Algonquin Provincial Park

Reservations for the cabins and yurts can be made up to five months in advance through the Ontario Parks Reservation System or by calling 1-888-ONT-PARK. This advanced booking system ensures that visitors can plan their trips ahead of time and secure their preferred accommodations.

The additions come following a survey, which found that almost a third of park visitors said they would be more likely to visit in the future if more roofed accommodations were available to rent. This feedback highlights the growing demand for diverse lodging options in parks and outdoor recreational areas.

As more travelers seek out unique and nature-focused experiences, the addition of new cabins and yurts at Algonquin Park is a step towards meeting this demand. It also reinforces the park’s commitment to providing a diverse range of accommodations in order to cater to visitors with varying preferences and needs.

By continually enhancing and expanding the available accommodations, Algonquin Park is well-positioned to maintain its status as a premier destination for outdoor enthusiasts, ensuring that future generations can continue to enjoy this iconic Canadian natural treasure.

Featured image from Algonquin Provincial Park


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