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CHECK THIS OUT: Wine, Dine, And Stay In Airstreams Outfitted For Ontario Glamping

A trio of hospitality businesses in Ontario will ensure that you’ll enjoy a nice meal, drink well, and sleep comfortably—all while glamping, a report said.

They are located in the small farming community of Carp, about a half-hour drive to the west of downtown Ottawa.

Together, they contribute to create a unique experience in an idyllic spot.

The trio—Vintage Hideaway, Kin Vineyards, and Joe’s Italian Kitchen—share an ideal setting at the heart of rolling hills and farms.

The businesses are seasonal, running until the end of October. It is possible to add weekends for special occasions or holidays during November and December. However, with only three accommodations at Vintage Hideaway, the spring of 2022 is already booked for getaways and weddings.

The newly-released Vintage Hideaway is a cute retro-style assortment of three Airstream trailers for your night out of town. The iconic mid-20th-century aluminum motorhomes are now equipped for glamping with kitchens, bathrooms, and sleeping areas with room for two to four people.

The tiny property is in a vineyard next to the farm, so going there is a pleasant experience of traveling through haystacks and the fields. You can also stay the night in peace, surrounded by lush greenery.

The Airstreams are decorated with various accessories, including colorful throw pillows, magazines from the 1940s, and pre-iPad-style board games.

The Airstreams are an RV-style home, which means you have fold-out tables for dining as well as sofa beds for saving space. The space is small, comfortable, yet adventurous.

Outside, there are picnic tables, barbecue, patio chairs on decks, and a fire pit which is as if you’re in your backyard.

It’s not necessary to travel far to enjoy delicious Italian dishes and excellent wines. Joe’s Italian Kitchen and Kin Vineyards are just a few steps away. Therefore, there is no need to drive.

At Kin Vineyards, you can shop, drink, and take an excursion to the vineyard that includes tasting four wines, a bite of charcuterie and cheese, and a lecture on topics like cold-climate farming.

Joe’s Italian Kitchen serves pinsa with a myriad of toppings. Some include spicy soppressata, Calabrian chilies, pepperoni, and banana peppers.

Pinsa is an oblong-shaped pie with a crust made from sourdough, rice, soy, and wheat flour.

You can dine under the outdoor tent, patio tables, or by taking a pinsa back to your Vintage Hideaway Airstream to enjoy your meal.

All three businesses are located at 2225 Craig’s Side Rd., Carp, Ontario, about 235 kilometers west of Montreal (a two-hour, 40-minute drive).

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Brian Wood
Brian Wood
April 24, 2024 6:56 am

Have you thought about exploring the hiking trails and beautiful scenery near Vintage Hideaway for a unique glamping experience? Don’t forget to check out the farm market nearby for some delicious locally sourced goodies to enjoy during your stay in the cozy Airstream trailers. It’s all about making memories!

May 23, 2024 6:59 am
Reply to  Brian Wood

Exploring the hiking trails and beautiful scenery near Vintage Hideaway can truly enhance your glamping experience. It’s a fantastic way to immerse yourself in nature and make unforgettable memories. Enjoy the fresh air and stunning views while creating lasting moments during your stay!


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