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Business Gaps in Small Communities Offer Big Opportunities for Campgrounds, New Report Reveals

The latest MC Hospitality Highlights report by Modern Campground and Cairn Consulting Group uncovers that 80-90% of businesses serving the hospitality sector in small communities have gaps in their schedules, presenting significant opportunities for campground operators to meet guest demand for services.

Modern Campground, in collaboration with Cairn Consulting Group, has released a comprehensive report titled “Untapped Potential: Leveraging Local Partnerships to Elevate the Camping Experience.” The report sheds light on the opportunities available for campground operators to enhance guest experiences and boost revenue by partnering with local businesses and identifying gaps in offerings.

A key finding from the report reveals that a huge portion of businesses serving the hospitality interests in small communities have gaps in their schedules. These gaps present a unique opportunity for campground operators to step in and meet the demand for services that guests desire during their stays.

“Our mission has always been to empower campground operators with actionable insights and data. This report not only highlights existing gaps in local hospitality offerings but also encourages campground owners to innovate and collaborate with local businesses, fostering a more cohesive and vibrant community offering,” said Brian Searl, founder and CEO of Modern Campground.

The report emphasizes the dual approach of collaborating with local entities and creating unique demands to enhance the scope of hospitality offered, thereby embedding campgrounds deeper into the fabric of local business communities.

“This isn’t just about filling service gaps; it’s about reimagining campground roles in local ecosystems,” Scott Bahr, president of Cairn Consulting Group, said. “We envision campgrounds as the linchpin of local hospitality, driving both economic and experiential value through smart collaborations.”

Employing a methodology that combines quantitative and qualitative insights, the report draws on a variety of sources including industry reports, guest surveys by Cairn Consulting, and in-depth analyses of five small tourist communities. This comprehensive approach ensures a well-rounded perspective on crafting enhanced outdoor hospitality experiences.

The March edition builds upon the successes of the previous two reports in the series. The January report, titled “Deciphering Digital Voices: Harnessing Online Reviews for Outdoor Hospitality Excellence,” delved into over 70,000 online guest reviews to extract crucial insights about guest satisfaction and influential factors in ratings. The February report, “From Campfires to Conferences: Adapting Campgrounds for Diverse Event Hosting,” revealed that 80% of campground owners and managers advocate for the efficacy of hosting special events as a strategic investment with dual benefits of immediate appeal and sustained growth.

The full report, “Untapped Potential: Leveraging Local Partnerships to Elevate the Camping Experience,” is now available for download on the Modern Campground website at: moderncampground.com/mc-hospitality-highlights-march-2024.

For more information about Modern Campground and Cairn Consulting Group, please visit their respective websites at moderncampground.com and cairnconsultinggroup.com.

About MC Hospitality Highlights

MC Hospitality Highlights is a monthly report series launched in January 2024 by Modern Campground and Cairn Consulting Group. Each edition delves into a critical topic impacting the outdoor hospitality industry, providing data-driven insights and practical guidance for campground operators. The series aims to empower the industry with actionable information to enhance guest experiences, drive revenue, and foster innovation.

About Modern Campground

Modern Campground is a comprehensive resource and news platform for the outdoor hospitality industry. Established in 2021, the platform caters to RV park owners, campground owners, glamping resort owners, their team members, industry suppliers, and others involved in the sector.

About Cairn Consulting Group

Cairn Consulting Group is a market research firm that provides strategic direction through market intelligence. With a focus on the outdoor hospitality sector, the group uses an exploratory analytical approach to identify meaningful connections and uncover insights that lead to the development of data-driven business strategies.

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March 14, 2024 9:50 pm

After diving into the details, it’s clear that teaming up with small businesses can spruce up the camping experience and give the whole community a boost. When campgrounds and locals join forces, it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. It’s exciting to think about how these partnerships can create a strong bond and support system in small towns. Let’s work together to make these outdoor experiences even more special!

March 15, 2024 8:40 am

Have you heard about the latest findings? The report suggests that by teaming up with small community businesses, campgrounds can boost guest experiences and revenue. It’s not just about partnerships. leveraging digital tech can streamline operations and enhance guest satisfaction. Plus, going green with sustainable practices can attract eco-conscious travelers. It’s all about creating a unique and eco-friendly campground experience for everyone to enjoy!

May 12, 2024 4:01 am

Isn’t it cool how campgrounds can team up with other businesses to revitalize small communities? The report dives deep into sustainable practices and digital marketing to attract eco-conscious travelers. Let’s download it and explore how we can make a positive impact and boost these rural areas together!

May 19, 2024 8:59 am

I was just thinking about how small community campgrounds could really bring people together and create a strong sense of community. It’s cool how they can work with nearby businesses to make the whole experience even better for everyone involved. What do you think about that idea?


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