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80% of Campground Owners Confirm: Special Events Drive Value, Reveals New Industry Report

A landmark report unveiled today by Modern Campground, in partnership with Cairn Consulting Group, casts a spotlight on a transformative trend within the outdoor hospitality sector: a robust 80% of campground owners and managers advocate for the efficacy of hosting special events, spotlighting it as a strategic investment with dual benefits of immediate appeal and sustained growth.

This revelation not only underscores the financial viability of such endeavors but also marks a significant shift towards enriching the camping experience through community-centric events.

Titled “From Campfires to Conferences: Adapting Campgrounds for Diverse Event Hosting,” the report delves into actionable strategies that empower campground owners to unlock the full potential of their spaces.

By integrating event hosting into their business models, campgrounds can not only diversify their revenue streams but also strengthen their positions as essential hubs of community engagement and cultural exchange.

Echoing the report’s findings, Scott Bahr, President of Cairn Consulting Group, emphasized, “The data presents a clear call to action for the industry, highlighting the profound impact of special events in drawing visitors and fostering a sense of community. It’s a strategy that pays dividends on multiple fronts, enhancing the guest experience while bolstering business outcomes.”

Brian Searl, Founder & CEO of Modern Campground, further highlighted the strategic implications of the report, stating, “This isn’t just about numbers; it’s about recognizing the potential to transform campgrounds into destinations where memorable experiences are curated. It charts a course for growth that is both innovative and inclusive, inviting campground owners to reimagine their roles in creating vibrant, engaging spaces.”

The report synthesizes insights from a range of sources, presenting a compelling case for the integration of special events as a cornerstone for future development in the sector. It offers a blueprint for success that is grounded in community engagement, operational innovation, and strategic marketing, positioning special events not as ancillary offerings but as central components of the campground experience.

For campground owners and managers looking to explore the nuanced benefits of this approach and to navigate the practicalities of implementation, the full report serves as an invaluable resource.

It not only highlights the opportunities inherent in event hosting but also provides a comprehensive framework for execution, from conceptualization to realization.

To access the detailed insights and recommendations outlined in “From Campfires to Conferences: Adapting Campgrounds for Diverse Event Hosting,” interested parties are encouraged to download the full report at Modern Campground’s MC Hospitality Highlights – February 2024.

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March 16, 2024 12:08 am

It’s awesome that campsite owners can spruce up guest experiences by teaming up with nearby businesses for cool activities. And going green during events not only attracts eco-conscious campers but also matches the trend of environmental responsibility in outdoor hospitality. It’s a win-win!

Linda Harris
Linda Harris
April 4, 2024 2:30 am

Isn’t it cool how campgrounds are getting creative with special events? Hosting them not only boosts the fun but also sets them apart, making guests want to come back for more!

April 11, 2024 2:21 am

Isn’t it cool how campgrounds are digging into the perks of hosting events? It’s awesome to see the positive impact on business and guest experiences. Let’s keep the good vibes going!

Paul Howard
Paul Howard
May 7, 2024 8:57 am

Have you thought about how campground owners could level up their events? Imagine teaming up with nearby businesses or outdoor providers to create unique experiences! And hey, spreading the word locally and online could bring in more campers for unforgettable adventures. What do you think?


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