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Pathfinder Expands Footprint with New RV Park and Innovative Management Services Division

Pathfinder Ventures Inc., a renowned name in the RV resorts and campgrounds sector, has recently announced the launch of its Management Services Division. This strategic move is set to redefine the RV park landscape by offering comprehensive solutions to RV park owners.

The primary objective of this division is to deploy Pathfinder’s existing operational expertise. By doing so, they aim to assist RV park owners in enhancing their occupancy rates, boosting their operational income, and increasing their property value.

In addition to the launch of the Management Services Division, Pathfinder has started operations at a newly constructed RV park and RV community. Named the Mid-Coast RV Park, this new addition is located on the picturesque Sunshine Coast of B.C.

The Mid-Coast RV Park, situated in the serene locale of Halfmoon Bay, boasts 40 state-of-the-art RV sites. Each site is equipped with comprehensive RV hookups, including 50-amp electrical connections, ensuring a seamless experience for visitors.

Pathfinder’s growth strategy is evident in its new Management Services Division. This division is set to offer a turn-key solution tailored to the unique operational needs of third-party RV parks. The services encompass online reservations, on-site staffing, administration, marketing, and accounting.

The scalability of this new division is noteworthy. It promises to bring immediate and unleveraged cash flow to the company, contributing significantly to the company’s bottom line. Moreover, this growth strategy is set to enhance Pathfinder’s brand recognition, opening doors to potential opportunities for the company to acquire managed properties.

Stan Duckworth, the COO of Pathfinder, shared insights into the RV park landscape in Canada. He emphasized that there are over 5,600 RV parks and campgrounds, many of which are privately owned. These parks stand to benefit immensely from Pathfinder’s extensive experience in the sector.

Pathfinder’s vision is clear – to tap into the burgeoning outdoor hospitality market. With Canadians increasingly looking to experience the great outdoors in an RV, the company is poised to cater to this growing demand through its expanding network of RV resorts and campgrounds.

The company’s recent endeavors, including the launch of the Management Services Division and the commencement of operations at the Mid-Coast RV Park, are testament to its commitment to innovation and growth in the RV Resorts and campgrounds sector.

Joe Bleackley, CEO and founder of Pathfinder, expressed his enthusiasm about the company’s recent ventures. He stated, “Our expertise and ongoing presence in British Columbia will bring significant value to the newly constructed Mid-Coast RV Park.”

With four locations already in B.C., Pathfinder has set its sights on expanding its network. Their approach is three-pronged, focusing on acquisitions, new constructions, and management services.

Pathfinder Ventures Inc. is making significant strides in the RV Resorts and campgrounds sector. Their innovative Management Services Division, combined with the addition of the Mid-Coast RV Park, positions them as a leader in the industry. As Canadians continue to embrace the RV lifestyle and outdoor hospitality, Pathfinder is poised to meet the growing demand with its comprehensive offerings and unparalleled expertise.

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Steven Carter
Steven Carter
April 25, 2024 10:47 am

Isn’t it awesome that Pathfinder Ventures is stepping up with Mid-Coast RV Park and custom services? They’re shaking things up in the RV industry, creating new opportunities for park owners. So exciting!


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