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9th Annual Canadian RV And Camping Week Set For May 21 to May 26

As the outdoor hospitality industry looks forward to another successful year, the Canadian Camping and RV Council (CCRVC) is set to host the ninth annual Canadian RV and Camping Week from May 21 to May 26. It will showcase the camping industry’s significant contributions to Canada’s economy, outdoor activities, and lifestyle.

According to the CCRVC website, the Canadian RV and Camping Week will highlight RVing and camping in the post-COVID-19 era. The industry contributes over CA$6.2 billion to Canada, helping to employ about 67,000 individuals. It helps in bolstering Canadian tourism with over CA$3.4 billion.

Furthermore, campgrounds are gearing up to host this event, offering families and outdoor enthusiasts a chance to engage in various activities. These campgrounds serve as gateways to exploring Canada’s diverse and stunning natural landscapes, providing unique experiences for all attendees.

The week’s activities are designed to cater to different interests and preferences, with each participating campground offering its own set of events. People can expect special celebrations, discounted rates, and activities to mark the beginning of the camping season.

An interactive map available on the CCRVC website lists all participating campgrounds. This tool is designed to help potential visitors easily locate and contact these sites, facilitating the planning of their camping trips. The map will guide the guests to the best experience of the camping event.

Canadian RV and Camping Week is an open invitation to all Canadians to experience the joys of outdoor living and RVing. It offers a mix of adventure and relaxation for the upcoming camping season.

CCRVC represents a collective voice and advocates for the diverse elements of the Canadian RV and camping industry. The event is an opportunity to promote the industry and highlight its significance in fostering family bonds and a love for the outdoors.

For more information about the annual Canadian RV and Camping Week, people and campground owners can visit its website here


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