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Canadian RVing and Camping Week Kicks Off the Summer Season

The much-awaited Canadian RVing and Camping Week is finally here, signaling the start of the summer season.

As per the BC Lodging and Campgrounds Association’s (BCLCA) newsletter, campgrounds across Canada, spanning from coast to coast to coast, are joining forces to commemorate the eighth annual event, which brings together camping enthusiasts from all walks of life.

Hosted by esteemed organizations such as the Canadian Camping and RV Council, representing Provincial Campground Owners Associations, RVDA of Canada, and the Canadian RV Association, the weeklong events serves as a heartfelt thank you to loyal patrons while extending an open invitation to fellow Canadians to embrace the joys of camping.

Recognizing the immense value of camping to both the economy and the well-being of individuals, the Province of British Columbia has gone a step further by issuing a proclamation designating May 23-28, 2023, as “RVing and Camping Week.” 

Within this proclamation lies an acknowledgment of the vital role played by the RVing and Camping industries in bolstering British Columbia’s tourism sector, with a projected contribution of over CA$800 million to the province’s GDP this year alone. Moreover, it is estimated that within the next two years, approximately 2 million people, predominantly Canadians, will revel in the delights of RVing and camping in British Columbia.

Camping, as an immersive experience surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, provides an idyllic setting for families to escape the relentless pace of urban life and wholeheartedly embrace the wonders of the natural world. 

British Columbia’s outdoor havens exude a sense of tranquility that can be challenging to find amidst the hustle and bustle of city living, making them perfect sanctuaries for rejuvenation and connection with nature.

Alongside the fervor for adventure and exploration, the BC Lodging and Campgrounds Association remains steadfast in its commitment to ensuring that these experiences are carried out responsibly and sustainably. 

With this in mind, BCLCA urges all campers to adhere to the Camper’s Code—a set of nine fundamental principles that encourage shared responsibility, respect for the environment, and the cultivation of a camping culture rooted in common sense. 

By promoting awareness of desired camper behaviors and educating newcomers on acceptable conduct, the BC Lodging and Campgrounds Association aims to secure the long-term sustainability of British Columbia as a cherished destination for generations to come.

Beyond the celebration and advocacy for responsible camping, RVing and Camping Week also serves as a platform to support charitable causes.

In 2023, the chosen beneficiary is Care Camps of Canada, an organization dedicated to assisting children battling cancer in attending specialized Oncology Camps. 

To raise funds for this noble cause, the BC Lodging and Campgrounds Association has organized an online auction, featuring an array of more than 35 items up for bidding. 

From glamping experiences to cutting-edge camping gadgets, the auction offers a chance for participants to acquire fantastic items while contributing to the betterment of young lives. Additionally, individuals can choose to make online donations in amounts such as CA$23.00, CA$50.00, CA$123.00, or more, with every dollar going towards empowering children with the opportunity to experience the joy of camping despite their challenging circumstances.

As the Canadian RVing and Camping Week commences, Canadians from all corners of the country are encouraged to explore their local privately owned campgrounds and embrace the start of another remarkable camping season

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February 19, 2024 9:36 pm

The Canadian RVing and Camping Week is an amazing chance for families to bond and make memories in British Columbia’s stunning nature. This celebration showcases a wide range of camping options, catering to diverse preferences. I believe it’s a fantastic opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts.

April 12, 2024 6:50 pm
Reply to  VanessaMist

I get what you mean. It’s such a great chance to explore different camping options and enjoy quality time with loved ones in BC’s beautiful outdoors. Looking forward to seeing more families create unforgettable memories in the midst of nature’s wonders!

April 13, 2024 12:03 am

Let’s kick off this summer with a bang by celebrating the great outdoors during Canadian RVing and Camping Week! It’s a fantastic time to connect with nature, create unforgettable memories, and share the adventure with fellow camping enthusiasts. Let’s embrace the beauty and excitement together!


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