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Queensland ‘Sinkhole’ Develops at Inskip Point, Sparking Safety Warnings

A near-shore landslide has created a significant sinkhole at Inskip Point, a popular barge landing north of Rainbow Beach, Queensland. This development has led authorities to issue safety warnings for drivers, swimmers, and campers heading to K’gari.

The Department of Environment and Science (DES) confirmed the landslide, describing it as a “large, deep hole” at the western end of the barge landing. Although access to the K’gari barge remains unaffected, a substantial portion of the barge landing has sunk. 

A DES spokesperson advised anyone driving near the area to exercise caution and carefully assess the situation before approaching, according to ABC News AU.

“All camping areas and beach driving areas at Inskip Peninsula Recreation Area remain open,” the spokesperson assured. However, due to the potential instability, DES has urged the public to stay away from the water’s edge, avoid swimming near the landslip, and ensure children are well supervised.

Inskip Point is prone to such landslides, which occur when large bodies of sand move rapidly, forming underwater cliffs that shift towards the shore. These landslides are not uncommon, with a similar event occurring along the shoreline in late April. 

A particularly notable incident happened in September 2015, when a landslip larger than a football field swallowed a car, caravan, camper trailer, and tents overnight. 

Given the history of such events at Inskip Point, the Department of Environment and Science has issued an alert that will remain in place for the next month to ensure public safety. The department is monitoring the situation closely to minimize any further risks.

The popular barge landing at Inskip Point is a gateway for 4WD enthusiasts and campers heading to K’gari. Despite the recent landslide, the area continues to attract visitors drawn to its natural beauty and recreational opportunities. 

The DES has emphasized the importance of adhering to safety guidelines and staying informed about the current conditions.

As the region navigates the impacts of this latest landslide, visitors are encouraged to remain vigilant and prioritize safety. The ongoing monitoring and alerts from DES aim to ensure that all who visit Inskip Point can enjoy their time without compromising their well-being.

The recent near-shore landslide at Inskip Point has resulted in significant changes to the landscape, prompting safety warnings from authorities. While access to K’gari remains open, visitors are advised to exercise caution and stay informed about the evolving situation.

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