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Parliamentary Friends of Caravanning: A New Dawn for Australia’s Caravanning Industry

The Caravan Industry Association of Australia (CIAA) recently celebrated the establishment of the “Parliamentary Friends of Caravanning.” This significant initiative, championed by Senator Helen Polley and Co-Chair Scott Buchholz MP, aims to amplify the voice of the caravanning industry in Canberra.

This move is not just symbolic but holds tangible benefits for the travel and tourism sector, local manufacturers, and operators across the supply chain. By bridging the gap between the industry and parliamentarians, it ensures that the value caravanning brings to various Australian regions is recognized and promoted.

Senator Polley, an ardent supporter of the initiative, believes that it will encourage travelers to explore lesser-known destinations. She emphasizes the diverse benefits the caravan and motorhome industry brings, from boosting local economies to promoting sustainable tourism, as per a news release.

Stuart Lamont, CEO of the CIAA, views this establishment as a testament to the industry’s significant contributions. From its economic impact to its role in enhancing social well-being, the caravanning sector is a cornerstone of the Australian tourism landscape.

Lamont further elaborated on the industry’s vastness, highlighting its “$27 billion of economic activity.” This includes local manufacturing, employment, sovereign supply chains, and visitor economy spend. The Australian caravanning industry, with its innovative offerings, caters uniquely to the preferences of the Australian traveling public.

Looking ahead, the collaboration between the industry and the Parliamentary Friends group promises a brighter future. With a shared vision, they aim to showcase the industry’s strengths and diverse offerings, fostering bi-partisan relationships in the nation’s capital.

The establishment of the Parliamentary Friends of Caravanning marks a pivotal moment for the caravanning industry in Australia. It not only acknowledges its past achievements but also paves the way for future growth, innovation, and collaboration.

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February 24, 2024 1:58 am

The Parliamentary Friends of Caravanning is poised to modernize the industry, fostering collaboration and growth, amplifying the economic and social impact. This initiative will deepen appreciation for caravanning’s contributions to regional prosperity.


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