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NRMA Parks & Resorts Acquires Turtle Sands in Queensland

A significant boost to its expanding collection of eco-tourism destinations as well as experiences, NRMA Parks and Resorts has announced the acquisition of Turtle Sands Camping and Holiday Park (Australia) located in Mon Repos, according to a press release.

It is located near Bundaberg’s Mon Repos Conservation Park, the Mon Repos Turtle Centre, and Mon Repos Beach, a family-friendly beach vacation park from the 70s. The park is home to a large amount of nesting marine turtles.

A brand New Mon Repos Turtle Sands Nature Reserve is scheduled to be open by mid-2024. It will be the sole mainland tourism accommodation that celebrates the conservation of turtles living in their natural habitat, created and operated by NRMA Australia’s largest mutual society owned by its members.

With the purchase of the property, NRMA Parks and Resorts is determined to develop an eco-tourism experience for visitors that will enhance the visitor experience at this ecologically significant place while protecting its valuable marine inhabitants.

The NRMA continues to engage in lengthy consultations with the relevant government departments and local community groups, the Traditional Owners, and environmental groups during the process of implementing the development. Monitoring the condition of the turtles is crucial to the development plans.

NRMA Parks and Resorts CEO Paul Davies said the preservation of this natural site which is an important nesting ground for one of the world’s most significant marine mammals, was crucial for the future of the NRMA property.

“The new Turtle Sands will offer an immersive accommodation tourism experience celebrating and supporting the conservation of marine turtles in their natural environment,” Davies said.

“The NRMA recognizes the responsibility in working adjacent to the environmentally sensitive Mon Repos Conservation Park, and a comprehensive set of Federal, State, and Local Government environmental and design approvals guidelines are in place for the development.”

“The design and operation of the Turtle Sands Holiday Park will adopt best practice environmental standards to protect this unique location, especially during the nesting season for turtles, including night-time light controls and restricted beach access.”

The NRMA will collaborate with community groups and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) to develop an experience for visitors that complements the current turtle night tours conducted by QPWS rangers from November to April.

The main goal is to create a unique tourism experience that is both a fantastic all-year-round destination for holidaying, intrinsically connected with the natural and cultural aspects, and working in close collaboration with the Traditional Owners of the area.

The plan is an interactive educational program and guest activities that promote participation in conservation projects involving hands-on involvement. The most important aspect of the plan to allow the location to provide all-year-round appeal to visitors is the constant protection of the dunes and the rookeries where turtles can nest.

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April 9, 2024 3:16 pm

Isn’t it intriguing that NRMA Parks & Resorts is diving into marine turtle conservation with the Mon Repos Turtle Sands Nature Reserve? I reckon it’s awesome how they’re not just preserving but also educating visitors about these magnificent creatures. 🐢

May 13, 2024 9:41 pm
Reply to  JadeWolf1231

Oh no, mate! I’m a bit concerned about NRMA Parks & Resorts managing the Mon Repos Turtle Sands Nature Reserve. I hope they’re ready for this huge responsibility. Did you know that marine turtles return to the same beach where they were born to lay their eggs?


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