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BIG4 Holiday Parks Amplifies Australian Holiday Experience with ‘GO BIG’ Campaign Expansion

In a significant move to enhance the Australian holiday park experience, BIG4 Holiday Parks has expanded its ‘GO BIG’ brand platform, collaborating with Pangea creative agency. This initiative marks a pivotal shift in the holiday park industry, aiming to encapsulate the unique excitement and anticipation that comes with planning a holiday. 

The expansion of the ‘GO BIG’ campaign is not just a marketing strategy; it’s a celebration of the quintessential Aussie holiday spirit, resonating deeply with the traditions and behaviors associated with holiday parks in Australia.

The campaign, featuring the iconic BIG4 Park Ranger, introduces a series of ‘Top Tips’ videos. These videos are a creative nod to the often-overlooked yet distinctly Australian aspects of holiday park experiences. 

Tash Prendergast, head of marketing at BIG4, emphasizes the campaign’s focus on extending the ‘GO BIG’ feeling beyond the booking moment. This approach aims to spotlight the unbeatable in-park experience that BIG4 offers, a sentiment echoed by many Australians who cherish these holiday moments.

Creative director at Pangea, Tommy McCubbin, played a crucial role in extending the ‘GO BIG’ platform. The team worked closely with park owners to bring to life real stories from Aussie holidaymakers, as per a report by MediaWeek.

The outcome is a series of relatable tips, rooted in genuine experiences that resonate with a wide audience. This authenticity is a testament to the campaign’s deep understanding of its audience, showcasing real-life scenarios that Australian families and travelers can connect with.

Adding an interactive element to the campaign, BIG4 introduced an in-park treasure hunt. Guests are challenged to locate all 10 Top Tips displayed on plaques throughout the branded BIG4 parks. 

This summer activity not only engages guests in a fun and immersive experience but also offers them a chance to win various BIG4 prizes. Prendergast notes that these videos, with their fun, humble, and human tone, are special because they become a part of the holiday experience for thousands of guests across the country.

The ‘GO BIG’ campaign’s impact extends beyond individual parks to the broader Australian tourism sector. By capturing the essence of the holiday park experience, BIG4 is reinforcing its position as a leading brand in the industry. 

The campaign’s creative narrative, focusing on the joy of booking a BIG4 holiday, is designed to switch viewers’ everyday lives into ‘BIG4 Holiday Park mode’. This strategic storytelling is aimed at communicating the memorable and fun experiences that await guests at over 200 BIG4 parks across Australia.

Prendergast highlights the campaign’s effectiveness in capturing the kick of joy felt once a BIG4 holiday booking is made. The ads, described as cheeky, cheerful, and reflective of the brand’s personality, are a significant part of BIG4’s evolved brand, marketing, and digital strategies. 

This evolution has been underpinned by substantial investment in expanding the BIG4 Holiday Parks network, positioning BIG4.com.au as the ideal platform for researching, finding, and booking getaways.

The campaign targets three major customer segments: Moment-making Families, Good Life Boomers, and Next Gen Road Trippers. While families and retirees are familiar audiences for caravanning and camping experiences, Next Gen Roadtrippers represent a new and exciting market segment. 

These digitally savvy younger couples are crucial for BIG4, as they have the potential to become lifelong customers. The campaign’s focus on these diverse segments demonstrates BIG4’s commitment to catering to a wide range of holidaymakers.

McCubbin’s creative direction for the ads conveys the euphoric feeling of an impending holiday, a much-needed break from the daily grind. The inspiration comes from the universal feeling of looking forward to a holiday as a remedy for life’s uninspired, tired, or stressful moments. 

The campaign idea, ‘That GO BIG feeling starts the moment you book!’, encapsulates this sentiment, turning the act of booking a holiday into the beginning of an exciting journey.

The ‘GO BIG’ campaign is set to run across various platforms, including TV, outdoor billboards, digital media, and social media, starting from mid-March 2023. This multi-channel approach ensures widespread visibility and engagement, reaching a broad audience and further solidifying BIG4’s presence in the holiday park industry. 

The campaign’s rollout is a strategic move to enhance BIG4’s brand image and attract a diverse range of holidaymakers to its parks. For more information on the ‘GO BIG’ campaign and to experience the BIG4 holiday park adventure, visit BIG4 Holiday Parks.

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May 8, 2024 1:09 pm

Are you ready for an epic adventure at BIG4 Holiday Parks? Picture this: hunting for hidden treasures, winning cool prizes, and making unforgettable memories with your crew. It’s gonna be a blast! What do you think about this awesome experience? Let’s chat!

May 9, 2024 7:26 am
Reply to  leslie_lights

I am all set for an epic adventure at BIG4 Holiday Parks. Let’s GO BIG and make unforgettable memories! Sounds like a plan! Get ready to amp up your holiday experience and have a blast exploring all the hidden treasures waiting for you!

May 14, 2024 4:59 am
Reply to  NolanCreek

Let’s GO BIG! Can’t wait for the fantastic adventure at BIG4 parks. Pack your bags. we’re off to explore! Ready to create unforgettable memories? What’s your top pick for a holiday activity?


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