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Taharoa Domain Campground Increases Camping Fees

Taharoa Domain Campground in Kapaira, New Zealand has introduced a new fee structure for campers.

The popular Kaipara campground will have one flat fee for the whole year that will replace previous off-peak and peak visitor times fees, according to a report.

The Kaipara District Council said the structure increases fees for the Pine Beach campground to make it more consistent with campgrounds offering similar facilities and services and reducing the cost to ratepayers.

The new fees apply to bookings made from October 1, and people who already have confirmed bookings will not have to pay the new rate.

The new fees for unpowered tent sites are NZ$20 for guests aged 15 and above, NZ$10 for five to 14-year-olds, and free for those under five. The previous fees were NZ$12 off-peak from May 1 to September 30, and NZ$15 peak for those 15 and over; NZ$6 off-peak and NZ$8 peak for guests aged five to 14 and free to those under five.

Powered sites will now cost NZ$25 for those over 15, NZ$10 for guests aged five to 14, and free for those under five.

Previously, the price was NZ$22 for the first adult and $12 for the remaining adults during off-peak. While prices during peak season was NZ$25 for the first adult and NZ$15 for the remaining adults. Fees cost NZ$6 for guests aged five to 14 in off-peak and NZ$8 in peak season, again guests under five can go in for free.

The Taharoa Domain Governance Committee (TDGC) unanimously supported the change in fees for the campground after a change in funding structure for the Domain, which forecast 41& of the campground and Domain’s operating costs would have to be covered by general rates.

The new fees are expected to reduce the cost to ratepayers by NZ$40,000 in the 2022-2023 financial year and by NZ$80,000 in the 2023-2024 financial year.

The fees for Taharoa Domain Campgrounds, Pine Beach, and Promenade Pt, have not been reviewed since at least 2017, the council said.

In addition to the new fee structure, council staff are investigating discounted fees for Kaipara residents and will report back to the council once this is complete.

Bookings for the council’s campgrounds, which include Pine Beach, Promenade Pt, and Glinks Gully campgrounds, can be made at https://kaiiwicamp.nz/.

This article originally appeared on The Northern Advocate.


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