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Pricing Error Disrupts Campsite Bookings at Glendhu Bay Following Software Update

In a recent turn of events, campers looking to book their holiday retreat at Glendhu Bay, New Zealand were met with unexpected price hikes due to a software glitch. Hampshire Holiday Park Limited, the Australian company overseeing the campsite, attributed the error to a mishap during a software update intended to enhance service efficiency.

The issue came to light following a Crux article that initially reported a 50% to 60% increase in camping fees for the 2024 to 2025 Christmas season at the popular lakeside spot in Wānaka. This report prompted a flurry of concern among potential campers, leading to an investigation by Hampshire’s IT team and their external booking provider, RoomStay.

Frank Sharkey, chief executive of Hampshire Holiday Park Limited, initially contested the accuracy of the Crux article, labeling it as “sensationally false.” 

Sharkey clarified that the rates for the upcoming season had not been made public at the time and that the company prioritizes previous guests by offering them the first chance to book for subsequent seasons.

The confusion was traced back to late January, when Hampshire implemented a change in their application programming interface (API), inadvertently removing a crucial ‘stop-sell’ feature, as reported by Crux.

This error was compounded by the system erroneously displaying rates from Queenstown Lakeview Holiday Park—which are significantly higher—as those for Glendhu Bay. According to Hampshire, the correct nightly rate for two adults at Glendhu Bay should be NZ$42, in contrast to the NZ$71 charged at Queenstown.

Further investigation revealed that no bookings were processed at the incorrect rate during the period the glitch was active. 

This was confirmed by Sharkey in a follow-up announcement where he acknowledged the pricing error, stating, “A review of Glendhu bookings confirms that no one booked or was charged the wrong rate for Glendhu for next Christmas during that month window.

RoomStay CEO Declan Mimnagh issued a formal apology, noting that the pricing error was “unintended during service enhancement” and that corrective measures had been promptly instituted. These measures included system improvements and the reinstatement of the ‘stop-sell’ feature to prevent future discrepancies.

In response to the incident and to address public concerns, Hampshire Holiday Park Limited has announced a public meeting scheduled for May 17 at the Glendhu Bay camp’s guest lounge. 

The meeting, which will be attended by CEO Frank Sharkey, aims to discuss the issue openly with campers and outline further steps the company will take to ensure the accuracy of their booking system.

This glitch highlights the potential pitfalls of digital transitions within the tourism and hospitality industry. As companies increasingly rely on technology to manage bookings and enhance customer service, the importance of rigorous system testing and backup protocols becomes clear. 

For Hampshire Holiday Park Limited, this incident has been a learning curve in managing their digital infrastructure, ensuring that future updates undergo thorough vetting to prevent similar issues from impacting campers’ experience.

As the company prepares for the public meeting and continues to expand its operations, including the recent acquisition rights to manage Kaikōura’s Top 10 Holiday Park, the focus remains on maintaining transparency with customers and safeguarding the integrity of their booking processes. 

This commitment to customer service and operational excellence is crucial as Hampshire aims to enhance its reputation and provide memorable holiday experiences in New Zealand’s scenic destinations.

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April 11, 2024 3:14 pm

Isn’t it wild how tech glitches can even mess with campsite prices? Gotta be mindful relying on digital stuff for our outdoor fun! It’s like a cautionary tale for our next camping trip. Just a reminder that even the great outdoors can’t escape the quirks of software updates!

April 11, 2024 4:30 pm

Isn’t it wild how that pricing mix-up at Glendhu Bay unfolded? It’s a reminder for businesses to double-check software updates. Hampshire Holiday Park is turning this blunder into an opportunity for better customer relations.

April 11, 2024 4:39 pm

Hang tight, campers! Despite the glitch fiasco, Hampshire Holiday Park is hooking us up with a sweet discount. Let’s keep the camping spirit alive at Glendhu Bay – software bugs won’t rain on our parade!

April 11, 2024 5:34 pm

I stumbled upon something intriguing about the Glendhu Bay pricing mix-up. RoomStay seems to have put in extra measures to avoid similar glitches in the future. Quite a smart move!

Devon River
Devon River
April 11, 2024 10:51 pm

Just a heads-up about the recent pricing hiccup at Glendhu Bay. It’s a good idea to double-check your booking before confirming to avoid any surprises. Hampshire Holiday Park is on it to prevent similar issues in the future!

April 12, 2024 6:57 am
Reply to  Devon River

Thanks for the heads-up! Always smart to double-check before locking in those bookings. By the way, did you notice how booking glitches seem to pop up at the most unexpected times? Keep an eye out for those surprises!

April 12, 2024 1:44 am

Isn’t it great to see how Hampshire quickly tackled the pricing mix-up at Glendhu Bay? The upcoming public meeting there is a perfect chance for us campers to chat with the Hampshire team, get the inside scoop, and clear up any worries about what happened.


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