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Affordable Obeco Storage Nets Transform RV Organization for Traveling Family

In a world where RV living is gaining popularity, keeping things organized and in place can be a constant challenge, especially while on the move. Charity and her family, experienced RV enthusiasts, have come across a novel solution to this problem: an affordable RV accessory, the Obeco storage net, that has transformed their RV storage and organization.

Charity and her family, including her husband Ben, their two kids, a dog, and cats, have been living in their motorhome for the past five years, traveling across the United States.

On their YouTube channel, they share RV tips, hacks, destination recommendations, and reviews of the best food spots they encounter. They recently stumbled upon a versatile RV accessory that has helped them solve a variety of storage problems.

The Obeco storage nets come in various sizes and can be used in several scenarios. In one instance, Charity utilized one of these nets to secure a bathroom scale, a common item that typically slides around during travel. With the addition of the net, not only is the scale secured, but it also creates extra storage space for toilet cleaners and tank treatments.

Another practical use of these nets was seen underneath their dinette table. By storing electronics and charging cables in the net, they effectively prevented them from falling into the cat’s litter box. Even their poo bag storage was made more convenient and efficient with the netting.

Moreover, they were able to improve their shower storage. Shower caddies are known to be problematic on travel days, often leading to fallen bottles and items. With the use of the Obeco storage net, everything stayed in place, even during transit.

Charity’s family didn’t stop at practicality; they even found creative uses for these nets. By storing secret snacks away from the reach of their kids and pets, they managed to bring a bit of humor into their RV living experience.

Beyond storage solutions, Charity also mentioned one of their best RV upgrades, a mattress from rvmattress.com by Brooklyn Bedding. She praised the company for offering comfortable mattresses, easy delivery, and a 10-year warranty. She added that they loved the mattress so much that they decided to replace all the mattresses at their glamper Hideaway with Brooklyn Bedding mattresses.

In summary, this $40 RV accessory, the Obeco storage net, seems to be the unknown gem for those living the RV lifestyle. Providing versatile and cost-effective solutions for various storage problems, these nets could be a game-changer for many in the outdoor hospitality industry.

Charity and her family’s experience paints a clear picture of the potential benefits this simple product can offer, from improved organization to the comfort of knowing your items will stay put, even while on the road.


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