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Unveiling 9 Exceptional RV Upgrades: A Comprehensive Guide for the Outdoor Hospitality Industry

The outdoor hospitality industry is witnessing a significant shift, with recreational vehicles (RVs) becoming increasingly popular. As more people embrace the RV lifestyle, the need for upgrades that enhance comfort and convenience has become paramount.

A recent video by HappilyEverHanks, a popular YouTube channel, provides a comprehensive guide on nine exceptional RV upgrades that have the most impact.

The video begins with the introduction of a water filtration system from Clearsource. This upgrade is a game-changer for RV users, providing clean, safe water directly from the spigot. The system’s easy installation and maintenance make it a must-have for any RV owner.

Next, the video highlights the importance of a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). This device is crucial for safety on the road, allowing users to monitor tire pressure in real-time. The TPMS featured in the video comes with a pass-through valve stem, making it easy to adjust tire pressure without removing the sensor.

The third upgrade is a custom-sized RV mattress from Brooklyn Bedding. The hosts emphasize the importance of a good night’s sleep in the RV lifestyle. The mattress, which is shipped nationwide, offers a cloud-like sleeping experience, making it a significant upgrade from the standard mattresses that come with most RVs.

The video then introduces the RV Airflow Air Conditioning system. This upgrade improves the efficiency of the RV’s air conditioning system by redirecting airflow throughout the vehicle. The hosts note that this upgrade has made their RV much more comfortable, especially during hot travel days.

Storage benches are the fifth upgrade. These benches not only provide additional seating but also offer extra storage space. The hosts replaced their free-standing dinette chairs with these benches, enhancing the aesthetic and practicality of their RV’s interior.

The sixth upgrade is the installation of recliners from Lipper. These cloth recliners, equipped with heated massage features, have become the favorite spot for guests in the RV.

The seventh upgrade is the introduction of Starlink satellite internet. This upgrade provides reliable internet connectivity even in remote locations, making it essential for full-time RV living.

The eighth upgrade is the Micro-Air Thermostat Control. This device allows users to control the RV’s temperature from their phones, providing convenience and comfort.

Finally, the hosts discuss the installation of lithium batteries from Lion Energy. These batteries have opened up new avenues for the hosts, allowing them to enjoy their RV lifestyle to the fullest.

These nine exceptional RV upgrades significantly enhance the RV lifestyle, making travels more enjoyable and comfortable. As the outdoor hospitality industry continues to evolve, these upgrades will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the future of RV living.

Watch the video above to learn more.


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