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Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Franchisees Report 4.6% Revenue Growth Through September

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts, a family camping, glamping, and outdoor entertainment franchise has disclosed a notable achievement in their financial performance.

As of the end of September, same-park sales have increased by 4.6%, continuing a streak of annual revenue records that now spans 16 consecutive years.

During the third quarter, same-park revenues witnessed a substantial surge of 7.5% when measured against the same period in 2022. Camp Jellystone’s president, Rob Schutter, attributes this growth to the initial caution displayed by families in their vacation spending. He highlights that rising inflation has prompted a focus on vacation value, and Jellystone Park has thrived in this environment.

Jellystone Park’s affordability is a pivotal factor in its appeal. The majority of park attractions, activities, and character interactions are bundled within the cost of a nightly stay, amplifying the perceived value for visitors.

“Inflation causes families to focus more on vacation value and Jellystone Park thrives in this environment,” he said.

Ancillary revenues have also played a significant role in bolstering franchisees’ income, with year-to-date data showing a 7.4% uptick in sales of golf cart rentals, retail purchases, paid activities, and character experiences compared to the previous year. Furthermore, revenues from cabin and glamping unit rentals have increased by an impressive 8.5%.

This success story carries broader implications for the campground and outdoor hospitality industry, highlighting the industry’s resilience amidst economic challenges. The campground sector stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of outdoor recreation and hospitality.

Jellystone Park’s approach to delivering affordability combined with inclusive entertainment and activities has resonated with consumers during these uncertain times, emphasizing the importance of vacation value. For campground, glamping, and RV park owners, the success of Jellystone Park underscores the significance of adapting to economic conditions and consumer preferences while providing value through a comprehensive experience.

The ancillary revenue’s growth in areas such as golf cart rentals, retail sales, and additional activities underscores the potential for diversification within the campground industry. Campground operators have utilized these supplementary services effectively to bolster their overall revenue, demonstrating that diversifying offerings while maintaining core identity can be a successful strategy.

Furthermore, the rise in cabin and glamping unit rental revenues signals the potential for increased investment in upgraded accommodations. Meeting the diverse accommodation preferences of visitors can be a prudent approach for campground owners aiming to optimize earnings.

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts sets the standard for family-oriented outdoor hospitality by embracing innovation and adaptability in the contemporary market. The message is clear for outdoor hospitality operators: prioritize value, diversify offerings, and consider investing in modern, attractive accommodations to ensure a prosperous future.


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