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Yellowstone National Park Announces Closures of Roads, Visitor Services to Prepare for Spring

Yellowstone National Park, a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers, marks the end of its winter season in early March as it begins the process of closing roads to snowmobile and snow coach travel. By March 16, the park will see the closure of most visitor services and roads, including the South, West, and East entrances. 

“As a result of limited snowfall in December and January, the 2023–2024 winter season was particularly challenging for the park and our over-snow operators,” Yellowstone National Park Chief Ranger Chris Flesch said in a press release.

This annual closure is part of the park’s preparations for the spring season, allowing for maintenance and safety checks to ensure the roads are ready for public use.

“We would like to thank our operators and partners for working closely with us throughout the season and for providing our visitors with the magical opportunity to experience winter in Yellowstone,” Flesch said.

The schedule for road closures is as follows: Mammoth Hot Springs to Norris closed on March 3; Norris to Madison, Norris to Canyon Village, and Canyon Village to Washburn Hot Springs Overlook followed on March 5. The road from Canyon Village to Fishing Bridge is set to close on March 10. By March 15, the West, South, and East entrances, along with all remaining groomed roads, will be inaccessible.

Visitor services will also see phased closures. The Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel closed its doors on March 3, followed by the dining room, gift shop, ski shop, and map room barista/bar on March 4. At Old Faithful, the Snow Lodge ceased operations on March 2, with the Obsidian Dining Room and Ski Shop following on March 3. The Geyser Grill, Bear Den Gift Shop, and Visitor Education Center will remain open until March 15. Warming huts across the park will close between March 5 and March 15.

The park maintains year-round accessibility between the North Entrance in Gardiner, Montana, and the Northeast Entrance in Cooke City and Silver Gate, Montana. This route, passing through Mammoth Hot Springs, Tower Junction, and Lamar Valley, remains open to accommodate visitors outside the winter season.

Visitors planning trips during the late winter and spring are advised to prepare for variable weather conditions, have flexible travel plans, and expect limited services. Essential services such as the Albright Visitor Center, General Store, post office, medical clinic, and self-service fuel pumps at Mammoth Hot Springs, as well as the Tower-Roosevelt Service Station, remain operational throughout the year.

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