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Washburn County Board Approves Campground Ordinance Revisions

After eight months of deliberation, the Washburn County Board (Wisconsin) approved the revised Chapter 38, Division 24 Campgrounds & Resorts Ordinance, the Spooner Advocate reported. 

This decision was driven by concerns regarding the increasing number of conditional-use permits (CUPs) for large-scale RV parks in the county. Many believed the previous ordinance was outdated and did not adequately address the environmental and residential impacts of these campgrounds.

An ad hoc committee was formed to make the necessary changes, which included regulations on setbacks, the number of campsites per park, and density. 

Despite initial rejections and revisions, the ordinance was finally approved on August 15. The board’s decision came after a series of public hearings where residents voiced their concerns. Some highlighted the distinction between county campgrounds and long-term RV parks, while others emphasized the need to protect the environment and quality of life in the county.

In 2022 alone, Washburn County received applications for over 375 new “seasonal” RV sites. Once permanently occupied with a travel trailer, park model cabin, or “tiny home,” these “campsites” quickly evolve, raising concerns among many residents.

The approval of the revised Campgrounds & Resorts Ordinance by the Washburn County Board marks a significant step in addressing the concerns of the residents. The revisions aim to strike a balance between promoting tourism and ensuring the well-being of the environment and the local community. As the county moves forward, it will be crucial to monitor the impact of these changes and make further adjustments if necessary.


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