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WACO Files Lawsuit Against Washburn County Over Campground Ordinance Revision

The Wisconsin Association of Campground Owners (WACO) has recently filed a lawsuit against Washburn County. This legal action stems from the county’s revised Chapter 38, Division 24 Campgrounds & Resorts Ordinance.

The revision of the ordinance has raised concerns among campground owners, leading WACO to take legal action to address these issues. The specific details of the revisions and their implications for campground owners remain at the heart of the dispute.

WACO, a non-profit association, has been at the forefront of promoting and improving campgrounds in Wisconsin. Their mission is to ensure that campers in the state have access to high-quality camping experiences.

The association comprises a diverse range of campgrounds, from primitive parks to luxurious resorts. Each member campground adheres to WACO’s high standards, ensuring a top-notch experience for campers.

Wisconsin, with its scenic beauty and diverse recreational opportunities, offers an unparalleled camping experience. From lakes and rivers to local festivals and sporting events, the state has something for every camper.

WACO emphasizes the importance of family togetherness during camping trips. They encourage campers to choose member campgrounds for a memorable and enjoyable stay.

The lawsuit against Washburn County highlights the challenges faced by campground owners in navigating local ordinances and regulations. The outcome of this lawsuit could have significant implications for the camping industry in the county.

A Spooner Advocate report highlighted that during the county’s Executive Committee meeting  last week, Corporation Counsel Bill Johnson said WACO had filed a civil dispute against the county. 

The report revealed that WACO is seeking a certiorari opinion from circuit court, similar to what the Spooner Lake District did when they filed a suit against the Washburn County Board of Adjustment, which overturned an appeal on a campground being built near the lakes. Johnson said WACO has filed on the grounds that the county does not have a comprehensive plan and the new ordinance is restrictive.

As the legal proceedings unfold, both WACO and Washburn County will present their arguments. The decision will undoubtedly impact the future of campgrounds in the county and potentially set a precedent for similar disputes elsewhere.

It’s essential for campers and campground owners to stay informed about the lawsuit and its outcomes. The decision could influence the camping experience in Washburn County and the broader Wisconsin region.

WACO’s commitment to promoting quality camping in Wisconsin remains unwavering. Regardless of the lawsuit’s outcome, the association will continue to advocate for the best interests of campers and campground owners.

As the situation develops, it’s crucial for all parties involved to engage in constructive dialogue. Finding a solution that benefits both campground owners and the local community will ensure a bright future for camping in Washburn County.

The lawsuit filed by WACO against Washburn County underscores the complexities of local ordinances and their impact on the camping industry. As the legal proceedings progress, all eyes will be on the outcome and its implications for the future of camping in Wisconsin.

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May 14, 2024 10:34 pm

Have you heard about WACO suing Washburn County over campground rules? It’s shaping up to protect campers’ experiences in Wisconsin. Stay tuned for updates – could lead to better camping adventures! It’s cool to see efforts like this to improve our camping scene.

May 15, 2024 2:14 pm

When it comes to the campground ordinance revision and the lawsuit, we should consider how these changes could be linked to promoting eco-friendly practices in camping. Let’s think about how to blend rules with nature preservation for all campground lovers.


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