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Whale Launches Heat Air: Compact Propane-Based Heating Solution for North American RV Market

Whale, a distinguished European leader in the recreational vehicle (RV) industry’s heating solutions for over a decade, proudly announces the launch of Heat Air for the North American RV market. Heat Air is a compact, lightweight, and powerful propane-based heating system designed to maximize space within RVs.

The Heat Air GTR 10. Photo courtesy of Whale.

Revolutionizing Space and Efficiency

Suitable for towables, motorhomes, and campervans, Heat Air offers RV enthusiasts a space-saving heating solution that allows them to make the most of their vehicle’s interior, according to a press release.

Weighing less than 16 pounds, this innovative system can be installed under the vehicle, freeing up valuable living space inside and providing more flexibility in designing their RVs.

Heat Air Installment Placement. Photo courtesy of Whale.
Heat Air Sprinter Plumbing. Photo courtesy of Whale.

Flexible Power Options for Versatility

Heat Air is available in two power options, GTR 10 and GTR 15, and operates on propane fuel. This feature ensures that users can enjoy the system’s benefits without needing access to a campsite. 

With rapid heat-up capabilities and a quiet nighttime setting, Heat Air is designed to provide maximum comfort throughout the year, enabling RV users to explore with the luxury of a cozy vehicle, regardless of the season.

Heat Air Control Panel. Photo courtesy of Whale.

Customized Components for Diverse Vehicles

The Heat Air system is tailored to individual users, allowing them to choose various components to meet their specific needs. The most suitable Heat Air model can be selected based on the vehicle’s type and length. 

After selecting the heater, users can decide whether to install it onboard or underfloor. Whale provides mounting brackets for both installations and various vehicle types. Additionally, three flue system options are available, which can be chosen based on the heater.

Ducting Components and Outlet Fittings

Whale offers an assortment of 65mm and 90mm ducting components, as well as 65mm outlet fittings in a variety of color options. The intuitive Heat Control panel provides users with comprehensive control and can be used as a standalone heating control or integrated with LIN or CAN central heating controls.

A Promising Impact on the North American RV Market

The arrival of Whale’s Heat Air in the North American RV market has the potential to revolutionize the industry by providing a space-saving and efficient heating solution for various vehicle types. 

This cutting-edge product addresses the growing demand for off-grid adventures and year-round RV use among North American consumers.

Patrick Roberts, VP and General Manager of Performance Components at Navico Group, expressed enthusiasm about introducing Heat Air to North America, stating, “A powerful heating solution in a compact size is a winning combination, and we know it will transform the RV experience for users, enabling more adventures of any kind year-round.”

For additional information on Heat Air, interested parties can contact [email protected] or visit www.whalepumps.com.

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Nancy Mitchell
Nancy Mitchell
April 20, 2024 2:10 pm

Isn’t it cool? Whale’s Heat Air is like having a portable campfire on wheels! It’s all about cozy warmth and comfort for your RV journey. With its customizable features and powerful propane system, you’ll be traveling in style while staying warm. Who wouldn’t love that on their adventures?

April 23, 2024 5:55 pm

Let’s talk about Whale Heat Air! It’s cool that you can control it remotely with Whale’s Connect app. The safety features are top-notch for worry-free RV trips. So, what do you think?

April 24, 2024 1:42 am

Whale’s Heat Air system is awesome for cozy RV trips! It’s user-friendly and keeps you warm on the road. Plus, their customer service rocks for a stress-free upgrade.


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