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North Cascades National Park Revamps Backcountry Camping Fee Structure

North Cascades National Park (Washington) has overhauled its fee system for backcountry camping. 

The park’s officials announced a shift from a per permit fee to a per person fee, a change that is set to take effect from March this year. 

As per a report, under the new system, backcountry campers will be charged $10 per person, supplemented by a $6 permit fee. 

This marks a departure from the previous flat rate of $20 per permit. The revised pricing model is designed to make backcountry access more economically feasible, particularly for individual campers.

The rationale behind this change, as stated by park officials, is to reduce the financial burden on solo travelers. Previously, an individual venturing alone into the backcountry was required to pay the full $20 for a permit. The new fee structure aims to alleviate this cost, encouraging more individuals to explore the park’s backcountry.

Permits, which are mandatory for all overnight stays in the park’s backcountry areas, can be obtained through the website recreation.gov. The park has allocated about 60% of these permits for advance reservation during the peak season. The remaining 40% are available on a first-come, first-served basis at various permit issuing stations within the park.

The park also hosts an annual lottery for early access to reservation dates, covering the period from May 17 to October 12. Interested individuals can enter the lottery from March 4 to March 15. Those selected will be given a specific timeslot, between March 25 and April 23, to make their reservations.

After the designated reservation period, any remaining permits will be made available to the general public, starting April 29. This system is designed to ensure equitable access to permits, catering to both advance planners and those making spontaneous trip decisions.

The new fee structure is expected to have a ripple effect on the surrounding outdoor hospitality sector. Campgrounds and outdoor recreation operators in the vicinity of North Cascades National Park are likely to see an increase in visitors, particularly solo travelers who are now more incentivized to explore the backcountry due to the reduced costs.

This change is also anticipated to boost the overall outdoor recreation industry in the region. With more affordable access to backcountry areas, a broader demographic of outdoor enthusiasts may be encouraged to engage in camping and related activities. This could lead to increased business for local outdoor equipment retailers, tour operators, and other related services.

Furthermore, the revised fee system aligns with broader trends in the outdoor recreation industry, which has been increasingly focusing on making natural spaces accessible and affordable to a wider audience. By lowering the financial barrier for individual campers, North Cascades National Park is contributing to this inclusive approach.

The revamped fee structure at North Cascades National Park represents a significant development for the park’s visitors and the surrounding outdoor hospitality and recreation industries. By making backcountry camping more accessible and affordable, the park is not only enhancing the experience for individual campers but also contributing to the growth and diversification of the outdoor recreation sector in the region.

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February 23, 2024 4:25 pm

Did you know that along with the spruced-up fee structure, the park is also introducing new enlightening programs and guided tours to enhance the experience for solo campers? Additionally, they’re planning to expand the ranger-led activities to encourage more people to explore the park’s breathtaking backcountry. I think these changes will make the park even more enticing for solo adventurers!

April 18, 2024 6:04 pm

Imagine embarking on a journey through the stunning North Cascades National Park with these new camping fees! Solo explorers, rejoice – saving money while soaking up nature’s beauty is now easier than ever.


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