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Virginia Historic Triangle Campgrounds Bounce Back From Pandemic Closures

There are five campgrounds available in the Historic Triangle and many others nearby. This makes rustic lodging easy for anyone who prefers a tent, recreational vehicle, or cabin to a hotel room. Many local campgrounds are experiencing unprecedented demand due to an unexpected development following pandemic lockdowns, a report said.

The country was shut down in March last year after it became apparent that COVID-19 was spreading. As the world stopped assessing the extent of the pandemic, area campgrounds were closed.

According to owner Chris Jump, Anvil Campground on Mooretown Road was closed from April through May for all guests.

According to Ben Knecht (park supervisor), the Chickahominy Riverfront Park campground, which is owned and operated by James City County was also closed. It hosted no campers for six consecutive weeks as the pandemic grew. Many staff members were either furloughed during the pause or assigned to other duties in the county.

It became clear quickly that campgrounds were compatible in social distancing and families started to flock to them.

Knecht stated that campgrounds are a popular choice because campers often come from the same families or live close to each other and don’t need to be in close proximity to others. Even though there were restrictions in place that limited the number of people allowed to gather, it was possible to take the whole family to a campground.

Anvil reservations began to increase in June 2020. Jump, who sits on the Virginia Campground Association’s board, stated that the Historic Triangle had an overarching factor which made it difficult to return to business as usual.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg was closed until August 2020, and it was then only reopened with a very limited capacity. Similar restrictions were also applied to other tourist attractions. These attractions are often the main destinations for campers visiting the Historic Triangle.

Jump stated that campgrounds with the outdoors as the main attraction are more popular than others.

Although it took some time for bookings to be returned in Historic Triangle campgrounds last September, they were definitely picking up. The trend has continued to be strong, despite seasonal fluctuations.

Knecht stated that Chickahominy Riverfront Park usually has three campers who live in their RVs during winter. About 20 sites were occupied in winter this year. Families were able to travel even during slow times because they could work remotely.

This strong showing continued into last year, with many campgrounds experiencing record-breaking levels of reservations. Andy Lunsford was the park operations supervisor for Newport News. He said that reservations at Newport News Park campground were higher than ever. The park saw a significant increase in reservations during the hottest months of the summer. However, this year there was no such dip.

Campgrounds were in high demand across the country.

According to figures, outdoor recreation will continue to be a strong sport. According to Kampgrounds of America’s annual North American Camping Report, the number of RV-owning households increased by 2.6million in 2020. Nearly 2/3 of Americans who have camped in 2020 for the first time plan to do so again in 2021.

Jump reports that while campground operators are cautiously watching the delta variant, they don’t fear the return to 2020’s crippling closures.

Contactless check-in allows campers to log in without having to interact with one another. This is a popular method of checking in.

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February 24, 2024 11:19 pm

Isn’t it **shocking** that some Virginia Historic Triangle campgrounds had to close due to a sudden surge in demand after the pandemic closures? Despite struggles with limited capacity at attractions like Busch Gardens Williamsburg, visitors kept coming for a safe outdoor experience. It’s **astounding** how these campgrounds became popular getaways. Can you believe this trend?


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