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2024 Go RVing Dealer Program: Enhancing Local RV Marketing with National Campaign Strategies

In the dynamic world of recreational vehicle (RV) sales, the RV Dealers Association (RVDA) has launched an innovative program for 2024, designed to transform the way RV dealers engage with potential customers. 

The Go RVing Dealer Program, a strategic initiative, aims to bridge the gap between national advertising efforts and local dealer outreach. This program is a game-changer for RV dealers seeking to capitalize on the burgeoning interest in RV travel and lifestyle.

The essence of the program lies in its ability to harness the power of the industry’s national advertising and promotion campaign, translating it into tangible benefits at the local level. 

RV dealers who enroll in this program gain access to a wealth of resources and tools, specifically tailored to enhance their marketing strategies and customer outreach. It’s a unique opportunity for dealers to align with a national campaign while maintaining their local business identity.

According to a press release, tne of the most significant benefits of the 2024 Go RVing Dealer Program is the access it provides to targeted leads. These leads, generated through the Go RVing website, are a goldmine of information on potential RVers residing near participating dealerships. 

This direct link to interested customers is invaluable, offering dealers a focused approach to their marketing and sales efforts.

In addition to leads, the program offers a plethora of marketing materials. Dealers can download royalty-free photos, visuals, and artwork from the Go RVing website, specifically designed for dealer websites, digital promotions, and other marketing needs. 

This access to high-quality, campaign-aligned materials not only saves time and resources but also ensures a consistent and professional presentation of the Go RVing brand across various platforms.

RVDA President Phil Ingrassia emphasizes the convenience and utility of the Go RVing online portal. 

“The Go RVing online portal allows participating dealers to access consumer leads and marketing material for the campaign whenever they need them,” he said. This 24/7 access to resources empowers dealers to respond swiftly to market trends and customer inquiries, keeping them a step ahead in the competitive RV market.

The portal also offers highlights from various Go RVing marketing and consumer demographic research reports. These insights are crucial for dealers to understand their target audience better, tailor their marketing strategies, and make informed decisions about inventory and promotions. 

Another feature of the program is the Google Analytics dashboard, providing high-level information about user behavior on the Go RVing site. This data includes the most popular pages, search terms driving site traffic, and sources of this traffic. 

Such analytics are instrumental for dealers in fine-tuning their online presence and aligning their offerings with consumer interests and behaviors.

The Go RVing campaign, themed “Go on a Real Vacation,” is particularly relevant in today’s context, where outdoor enthusiasts are increasingly seeking vacation alternatives that offer freedom, adventure, and safety. 

The campaign focuses on family adventures, couples, and the benefits of outdoor travel, continuing to emphasize the flexibility and affordability of RV travel for modern consumers.

For RV dealers, the cost to join this transformative program is $250, a nominal fee considering the extensive benefits and potential return on investment. Interested dealers can sign up via the RVDA website, email, or phone, making the enrollment process straightforward and accessible.

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February 23, 2024 5:18 pm

This program is astonishing! The support and coaching for dealers to optimize marketing strategies based on industry trends and consumer behavior are astonishing. The customizable digital assets and social media tools will revolutionize how dealers engage with their audience and drive sales.


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